FairPrice – CSR Food Waste Reduction Campaign


One of our biggest problem in the world, food wastage. How many of us are guilty about? How often do we throw our leftover food? Choosing the nicest fruit off the shelf after pressing a few others that are not-so-nice?

It’s time for us to play a part for our enviornment.


Did you know that every year, a third of the food produced for human consumption gets wasted in the world? In 2014, the total amount of food waste in FairPrice for that year was 2,200 tonnes, equivalent to 88 garbage trucks. This, however, only makes up about 0.3 per cent of the total food waste generated in Singapore over the same period. With food making up 10 per cent of the total waste in Singapore, food waste is something that is becoming extremely evident, and is affecting our world as we speak.

2I am glad that FairPrice, being one of the biggest food provider in Singapore have launched its new waste reduction framework, which comprises 3PsProcesses, Partnerships, and Public Education. Understanding the severity issue of food waste, and what it might potentially do to our planet, FairPrice want to promote a greater awareness of food waste. By developing a Food Waste Index – an industry-first in Singapore, that will be able to measure the annual total food waste of all FairPrice stores islandwide. Apart from that, partnering with Food from the Heart (FFTH) in efforts to donate wholesome food products to the less fortunate in our community. Currently 55 FairPrice stores donate to the Food from the Heart and the aim is to get all 126 stores to do so by July.

3How can we play our part?

By reshaping our mindsets towards receptivity to ‘imperfect-looking but perfectly safe’ fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables often get neglected and discarded for their minor flaws like small scratches and bruises, which only adds to food waste. However, these imperfect-looking but perfectly safe foods possess the same taste and quality as any other! Now, we can buy packages of sliced fruit and vegetables at marked down prices, as part of supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice Great Taste Less Waste Selection initiative. This initiative will start off at its seven hypermarkets before eventually being rolled out to its other supermarkets.

4FairPrice, being a retailer with a heart, strives to contribute towards a sustainable environment. And it is definitely not an effort of FairPrice alone, but hand in hand with everyone playing our part in reducing food waste in Singapore.

                              “Say No to Wasting Food.”