The Straits Times: Closer ties as neighbours bond over food

Our neighbourly story was featured on Straits Times on 22nd February 2015! What an honour for me to speak to The Straits Times after my entry submission for Let’s Makan emerge as the finalist.

makanClick Here for Let’s Makan Website (Entry Submission)

Let’s Makan is an initiative by The Singapore Kindness Movement, to enhance neighbourly ties and gathering of neighbours from different walks of life by sharing a meal together. It hopes to foster closer relationships among neighbours.

I find this initiative really helpful as everyone in Singapore enjoys food! Eating together is definitely the best way to get to know one another. By organising food sessions with my neighbours, we came to know each other’s food preferences, type of food we like or dislike, and raving over yummy hawker stalls that we promise to go together. For me, having a bunch of good neighbours living close to me was a great blessing. We are able to look out for one another in times of need and foster meaningful friendship together.

ST, 22 February, Page 12, Closer ties as neighbours bond over foodClick Here for the ST Online Article

“The decline of neighbourliness across the world follows a similar pattern. Dual-income families, the individualisation of leisure and entertainment, dense city living, greater physical mobility brought about by better public and private transport, and growing disparity in incomes, are all factors that have made neighbours more insular and less connected to one another.”

Getting out and speaking to your neighbours might feel daunting, but be brave! It will be worth it and you will be surprised on how keen people are. So take the first step and be the someone! I believe everyone can make the world a better place to live in and start by fostering good relationship around the neighbourhood ♡