Kelong Times

10501748_10153059244962746_4428954599144904213_n This is definitely one of the best travel experience with the ones I loved most. Having nothing with us, but so much love and laughter. Getting away from the hectic city buzz to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Enjoying the sea breeze and simply, doing nothing.

1901435_10153059244872746_363876049597838546_n22302_10153059697612746_2294910260524874014_n 1471206_10153059246077746_4899562653058612269_n10352384_10153059698472746_3501057530794876141_n1662557_10153059245792746_3665314786497402947_n

10402437_10153059245092746_5049247166291043838_n11018110_10153059245202746_6649843646287613942_nEvery meal is so huge on the Kelong! We had our fair share of seafood in every single meal as being near to the sea, seafood were freshest and sweetest. We had 3 full meals, tea-break snacks and supper everyday! Oh yes, plus those durians we had everyday.

11261678_10153059698697746_8860901532010382172_n (1)As Father’s Day falls on that weekend, I specially requested for a cake to be brought from Kawal town all the way to the Kelong for all daddies on board! It was such a heart-warming sight to see them all healthy and active at their age.11054483_10153059699042746_2237577254274723747_nMy family and I enjoy outdoor activities very much therefore we love being at places near the sea, getting sun-soaked and exploring new things. We had so much fun catching small fishes and squids. I believe this runs in the family – we just love being carefree. All of us are closely knitted to one another and we simply enjoy doing things together. I hope that in future, my own family will embrace such closeness and love.

Growing up, I know my parents are growing older as well. The more I feel that time is precious with them. The only thing I wish for them now is to have good health, always.

10412017_10153059705012746_6534837505300869401_n1625623_10153059704992746_5336666090147880963_nSome of the bigger catch during the 3 days stay in the Kelong! Fishing was never my kind of activity but personally, I enjoy the surreal feeling of peace it brings to me. The waiting can be annoying for me at least, but it teaches me how patience and luck plays a part in everything that we do. No rush, no hurry – just practice, wait and you will get it. I see it all on W’s effort in fishing because he had the most practice and he was the one with the most catch. Proud of you! 10250303_10153059244932746_7161505313291201909_n11008544_10153059721542746_9138317694400055737_n10277710_10153059721982746_8123327465005887694_nCan’t wait for the next getaway with them again, till then. Xx

Oats Affair: How to make tasty oats meal every day?

Oats, my favourite breakfast food. Ironically now, everything with oats – I will love it!

I was often told about how oats were boring, plain and tasteless food. But I bet to differ that! Oats is one of the most versatile food in the world. From soften overnight oats, oat milk, oat cookies, oat loaf, granola, oat smoothie bowl, baked oat cake and the list goes on! I will be sharing some of my favourite recipes and show how to make tasty oats breakfast everyday!


Eating well doesn’t mean tasteless food, that is my philosophy. Thinking back, I wonder when I started enjoying oats so much. I guess it was the time when overnight oats are trending a few years back, pretty jars and oats photos are everywhere on the Internet. Being a recipe hunter – I sourced for many healthy, interesting and ‘look-yummy-kind’ of oats breakfast recipes and immediately, oats became my staple food for breakfast. A healthy and hearty breakfast within minutes, why not?

1. Overnight Oats

For overnight oats, I start with the 3 most basic ingredients;

  1. Rolled Oat Flakes
  2. Greek Yoghurt
  3. Unsweetened Soy Milk (or any milk of your choice)

First, place oat flakes in a glass container and pour in milk till the brim that covers. Then, mix in desired amount of yoghurt to thicken up texture – it depends on the amount of oat flakes used. Leave them in the fridge overnight or at least 4 hours to soften oats. That’s it! Before serving them, do add in your favourite toppings. I like adding chia seeds, flax seeds, coconut flakes, cocoa nibs, nuts, nut butters and fruits! Banana, blueberries, strawberries and kiwis are fruits most commonly used in my recipes. Depending on availability, it is wise to switch around fruits that are in season by doing so you will only get the freshest and they probably cost lesser.

10615574_10152810880117746_5676650958699878614_nAlmond Butter, Blackberries, Cocao Nibs and Mango

10407497_10152660419237746_8196944951805400051_nBlueberries, Strawberries and Peanut Butter


Blueberries, Coconut flakes, Chia Seeds and Strawberries

The choices of ingredients used plays a huge role for a good breakfast. I use greek yoghurt and unsweetened soy milk for it’s high protein and low-fat content as compared to sweetened flavoured yoghurt/milk which contain added sugar. By doing so, I can reduce my sugar and calorie intake yet still enjoy the perfect oats breakfast with my favourite fruits and nuts! Do also note that overnight oats should be consumed within 3 days of making as to maintain freshness of oats, yoghurt and milk.

Read more on : Greek Yoghurt vs. Regular Yoghurt

This breakfast choice save me much time before the mad morning rush everyday. Digging in to a cold hearty breakfast packed with fiber, vitamins, proteins and nutrients which does not require cooking at all. How amazing is that! Also, have fun playing around with portion sizes as it took me a while on varying the amount of oats, milk and yoghurt to finally getting my favourite combination. Ahh…..My perfect post-workout fuel ♡

What else can you do with Oats?

2. Yoghurt Fruit Parfait – Layers and more layers! That’s how a parfait looks like. Using almost similar ingredients in the overnight oats recipe substracting the milk, parfait contain more fruits than oats! Good to go as a mid-afternoon snack, simply layer your favourite fruits, toppings, yoghurt, honey and oat flakes. Repeat steps. That’s it!


3. Oat Milk Drink oats! Blending my own Oat Milk bring ease as it is free from added additives or preservatives. Naturally sweet and energy boosting, oat milk seems to be a great post-workout drink replenishing carbohydrates, minerals and protein lost during exercise. Moreover, it’s so simple to do!

(Recipe can be found on my previous post: Homemade Oat Milk)

10614324_10152438483532746_7140086137043875159_n4. Oat Smoothie Bowl – My “throw-in-everything and blend” breakfast! Days when I am too lazy to chew my food, oat smoothie bowl is my best friend. Place all the ingredients (usually fruits, milk, vegetables and oats) into the blender and blend it high for 30 to 60 seconds until smooth and top it with your choice of toppings.

(Recipes can be found on my previous post: Kale Smoothie Oat Bowl and Pumpkin and Banana Smoothie Oat Bowl)


Pumpkin and Banana Oat Bowl topped with Banana Coins, Chia seeds and Dried Fruits


Kale Smoothie Oat Bowl topped with Coconut Flakes and Chia Seeds

10676124_10152713938727746_7665932865345643370_nHoney Papaya & Banana Smoothie Oat Bowl with Persimmon, Coconut Flakes, Flax Seeds, Cocoa Nibs and Almonds

10423689_10152689503692746_5036815142955920960_nBlack Sesame Steel Cut Oatmeal with Cocoa Nibs and Raw Almonds

5. Cooked Oatmeal with Egg – When mum is not home and my fridge went into a famine. Protein loading is not impossible and all you need is oat flakes and an egg! Boil oat flakes for about 8 – 10 minutes and crack an egg and stir together. Optional, add extra honey or nut butter to it for a more flavourful taste! Simplicity is sometimes a good thing afterall as this is one of the most cost-friendly recipe around!


6. Healthy Oatmeal Banana Bread – My favourite homemade bread in the world! With zero sugar and only natural ingredients, it’s absolutely healthy and filling! Homemade bread are chunkier comparing to conventional packaged bread which is not filling and contain many food colourings, preservatives and other addictives that I can’t even pronouce. Moreover, it is not that difficult afterall. Try it!

(Recipe can be found on: Stayfitandtravel: Healthy Oatmeal Banana Bread)

541597_10152653460922746_5373167736160628021_n 1510348_10152713940117746_306858562647527585_n

Oatmeal Banana Bread with Almond and Cashew Butter with Banana and Cocoa Nibs

7. Baked Oats with Banana and Raisins – With it’s name, this is basically oats baked with fruits, dried fruits and egg! Baked oats tastes like oat pie, which is crispy on the outside, moist and chewy on the inside. Best served with honey or pair it with a cup of coffee during tea break!

(Recipe can be found on: Stayfitandtravel: Homemade Banana and Cranberry Baked Oats)10898121_10152698926042746_3721092541210432994_n

Oatmeals are never boring. All it takes is a little effort and preparation for a wholesome healthy breakfast. Anyhow better than a greasy buttery bun at the confectionary or the fried bee-hoon from the coffeshop. Studies shown that eating oats keeps you full longer as soluble fiber in oatmeal absorbs a considerable amount of water which significantly slows down your digestive process. Moreover, oatmeal contains a wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and is a good source of protein, complex carbohydrates and iron.

Treat your body better by starting your day with this nutritional superstar! Enjoy! ♥

My 2014

Just how time flew us by and we are 2 days old in 2015! In 2014, I also re-ignited my love for blogging (the best decision ever!) – penning down my thoughts, sharing what I love, gathering like-minded people together and creating my own memories. Blogging has always been something I love to do and it probably reflects my character very much too, expressive. I love sharing what I know and would be happy if someone out there appreciates it or find inspiration on what I wrote or shared. It is a very special feeling for me being able to inspire and motivate others.

Besides looking forward to a brand new year with lots of new challenges and achievements, I am grateful for everything that has happened in 2014 – a year full of ups and downs.


1376471_10152030068002746_628337337_n 1512363_10151976351057746_171976448_n

I started 2014 traveling to Japan with my family and I truly enjoyed every moment spend with them. We experienced different culture, food and learnt many during our overseas trip together. It is essential for me to travel with my family members – as I truly felt that time and experiences together cannot be exchanged with any monetary terms. All of us were knitted closer to one another and together, we gained another topic for discussion for talking and bragging. This is how we stay close to one another, having common topics and interest. Good relationships don’t just happen; they take time, effort and patience.

Sometimes we get too busy with our own work and achievements; we tend to neglect the ones who spend their whole lifetime looking after us. Cherish and spent more time with our parents, they are the only ones who love you the most and fight the world for you.


1471760_10151884665772746_1452940971_n 1461049_10151883725827746_1430707168_n 1468506_10151883725462746_1168611678_n

W and I got hitched on 13th February 2014. This day I marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for and dream with. The thought of getting hitched make me felt old, but registering our marriage was the bestest decision ever! I am grateful to have W being by my side for the past 4+ years, tolerating every bad temperament of me, very thoughtful towards me & my family and taught me a lot of things (although sometimes he is so muddle-minded you can strangle him to death). Meeting him is still the best thing that ever happened to me. Up till now, I still find him funny, loving and most importantly, he love my family and friends as much as I do. Grateful :’)



I was rewarded by my company for an all-expenses paid trip to Bangkok with some of my favourite girls at work. It was my first time traveling on company expenses although it is a short trip. Those moments together were amazing and fun (shopping and eating, of cause) and we bonded together as a team. Though things have changed now, but good memories will prevail.



最难得的聚会 ❤️



This May, I also participated in Adidas Sundown Half Marathon completing my second 21.1km long distance run. If you read my previous post, you will know how much I am not a distance runner by nature and the maximum distance I do usually ranged from 5km to 10km. The complete soreness, pain and satisfaction after a long distance marathon is only understandable after you have experienced it, no any other ways. Proud to have did it again in 2014!



One of the most rewarding milestones being a blogger was to yield acknowledgement. I received a number of products from sponsors for product tasting and feedback review! I am really glad to have the honour to write for local brands like Unisoy and Bruneus, it was a wonderful experience for me as someone who blogs and take interest in health food. Thankful for all the opportunities given.

10423635_10152591378577746_6070181077495876886_nAh hah! One of the most precious friendship we made during June! Got to know our lovely and cute neighbours, Walter and Melody. It all started off with walking our fur babies downstairs and now, we meet them almost any other day for our BBG workout training! Friendship happens simply because we feel comfortable with each other companionship and these don’t come easy. Cheers to many more years of friendship.




JULY! Our long awaited trip back to W’s hometown. Yes, W is a Malaysian and catching up with his parents and friends seems to be a challenging task for me. We have limited time hanging out and could communicate through phone calls, messaging or chatting online most of the time. I always try my best to pull myself together with his family, as close as possible though it is really not easy – counting the days I am in Ipoh which is about 10-14 days in a year comparing him at my place (365 days – x days in Ipoh). Now you see the difference?

So W and I took much effort together to organize a trip with my family visiting his hometown during July. It was 5 most precious days of our lives. Seeing them getting along well and enjoying their time. All our hard work paid off – behind the scenes was both of us debating on what are the best dates, which hotel to book, where to go, which car to rent and so forth. Everything was awesome and everyone was happy. So, W and I also make a pact for 2015 to visit Ipoh more often spending more time with his parents and friends cause nothing is more significant than our family presence and being together.



No, not our anniversary but a simple birthday chow time for W yearly – we don’t fancy restaurants or café dining usually but we take an extra effort to dine in during one another’s birthday. His 5th birthday celebration with me and I can still vividly remember what we ate and where we were during 31st August 2010. He may not be the most romantic partner, neither a rich husband but I know he will be the one gridding his teeth out there working hard for me, us.  Grateful for yet another year being together and I can’t seem to be more thankful for you.

September10441128_10152544185112746_719377126126786226_n 10628353_10152615170447746_45676292046594891_n10731086_10152538216472746_2807540559096527984_n

Hello BBG, welcome to my life! I made this decision to start BBG workout as I started to gain weight unknowingly after working desk-bound for almost 2 years even though I do occasional runs and frequent the gym sometimes. For the past 2 years, I don’t see any results physically neither did I felt more confident about my body after my workout sessions. I disliked my body and I have serious body image problems internally even though I am not obese. I would go on a diet for a month or 2 and give it all up by stuffing myself with so much food and trying to puke after every meal. Yes, that bad. Working out and eating well was never a topic that blew my mind so much until I started BBG. It was one of my life-changing choices I made in 2014 making fitness and health my priority.

Starting on BBG allows me to love my body more and appreciate life even more. I learnt how to be more appreciative towards health and not take it for granted. I realize by starving myself isn’t going to help cause after I start eating – those kilos will creep back. My body is capable to achieve and be stronger only when I make the decision to start loving and work hard for it. We can all achieve our fit and healthy body, why not?

I came across a quote stating;

”Never underestimate the gift of your health. It’s the greatest wealth you will ever own and it’s the foundation for every chance at happiness and success life has to offer. Your body is the only place you will truly ever live.”

The truth is most often we take our health for granted most. Do we enjoy junk food so much that it is worth getting sick for? Being negative about body image can be a danger for our health too. Definitely, I don’t mean eating salads and chicken breast everyday but by exercising moderation in our food selection. Indulgence for those who worked for it, fair enough? I really think so.

Do refer to my previous blog post on working out and eating well.


I made a promise to myself to upgrade myself every year and I did it. Last year (2013), I did a course in MIS (Marketing Institute of Singapore) and this October I did an intensive course (Social Lab) from Hyper Island. Hyper Island taught their classes in a different way from traditional Singapore’s school classes and I gain many insights on speaking out, challenging potential, working as a team, being a leader and changing personal perceptions. I believe strongly on skill upgrading and being constantly on the ball of knowledge.

Way to go improvement, 2015 let’s bake and burn more brain cells!



A month of full of weddings – feeling blessed for both Windie and Sharon as they marry their beau this November. We finally got a chance to take a break from work and unwind at W’s hometown during the month of November. Spending time with his folks and doing little things together makes me really happy. Moreover, we have an additional family member on 13th November 2014. That’s something worth celebrating and be happy about! 🙂

10805622_10152445588727060_8880448103833284402_n 10552483_10152569649392746_1816217398681676485_nTo my beloved cousin; I wish you and Ryan everlasting love and stay blissful forever. Thankful for our growing up years together and I love you! ❤



What? I am writing about the last month of 2014 already?

“It is the most wonderful time of the year!”

Started the month with endless meet-ups and gatherings with all my loved ones from pot-luck to buffet to cheese party. Year end are always celebratory and fun after a whole year of crazy events and happenings. A time to unwind and gather together. For the people who always love, thank you.

10437762_10152328642402746_1990067880854988492_n Definitely, not forgetting the little furball at home who is constantly yearning for our attention just because we meant the whole world to him. I wish for good health for my baby companion, Jester! ❤

Life is beautiful because it isn’t eternal; it has an endingLosing a loved one gives a new found appreciation for existence itself. In year 2014, I lost 2 beloved uncles. From witnessing how they fell ill to frequent visits to hospital to their funerals. Life fragility. There is nothing more important than living a fulfilling life with our loved ones and all those cherished moments. Live in the present and love every day.

Lessons from 2014 to 2015;

  1. To cherish and to love every day.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Take things easy but not granted.
  4. Don’t be too hard on myself.
  5. Focus on the right things.
  6. To do what I love.



10888853_10152722786149263_1801348119755735316_n 10873484_10152680025122746_2466644077396442121_o 1896827_10152723026679263_4850923747657481506_n

Bring on 2015! 

Ipoh and Cameron Highlands Trip

Finally, got the time to pen down my reflection trip back to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands with the family! This trip was a long planned by W for my family and closest relatives to visit his hometown. He did many arrangements for transport and lodging, not forgetting the planning of the itinerary with his parents.

Therefore, those time together was really precious to me and W. Seeing them getting together, having fun, relaxing and enjoying every moment with the family was just worth every single bit of tedious planning back behind. It was my parents’ first trip to Ipoh and my 8th? I still enjoy going back every time, with the good food, companion and little things that brings you back from the city life to a slower pace town. One of my favourite place, still.

10348454_10152328109882746_5392065589208809365_nEvery where was place-perfect for #ootd shots! Anyhow, you can see a wall back drop or a vintage looking street, just anywhere around the streets of Ipoh. 10385297_10152328109207746_2091740215560644256_n10354946_10152288619337746_1273156175075705492_nStreet painting along Ipoh Old Town, drawn by famous Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who also did old streets art along George Town, Penang too! Blending in the environment, these street painting depict scenes of local cultural day-to-day activities. Adding a touch of liveliness and warmth to the quiet alleys. I love these Kopi-O painting best!

10441474_10152328109852746_7508683052354982550_nWhen talking about Ipoh, we think about food, food and more food! One of the food haven in the world, yes, they have the best bean sprouts, steamed chicken, white coffee, smoothest flat rice noodles Hor Fun, Dim Sum, Assam Laksa and seafood. It is true that Malaysia have the best food in the world, fusion cuisine to Chinese style food never go wrong. We can never get to taste such traditional food in Singapore anymore, that explains why more people are driving/traveling up to places like Ipoh and Penang just for their food. 10563020_10152328116422746_5159203864196334164_n


10527526_10152328115762746_2805872986752490131_n 10514564_10152328120142746_6393534937471121909_n 10481938_10152328109947746_5059408632184734313_n
10420339_10152328119457746_7210641068024101630_n 10357460_10152328053267746_2098129480207168602_n

Here’s a website on the famous eateries in Ipoh. Not forgetting, home-cooked dishes! I love the Sour Chicken best and will be mastering this recipe soon! The home brew soup was simmered for 4 hours, which explains the thickness and rich colour with the sweetest taste. Cooking at home warms our heart even more, as cooking takes much effort and time. From the buying to the preparation to the cooking and lastly, to the washing. Therefore, be appreciative for the people who cook for you. It isn’t as easy as eating and only mothers goes through trouble like this, to bring out the best on the table.

Enjoying the pretty sunset from MH Hotel, Ipoh. The beauty of nature, simplest yet so fulfilling. Allowing me to do some reflections in life, on how sometimes we take things so seriously. Being on a trip, make me realized how fortunate I am to be here, living and enjoying time with my family. Appreciative and contented. I realized that nothing is more significant than our family presence and being together. Sometimes, we all chase after material things like a house, a car, a dream trip or even that branded bag. Neglecting the people around us, chasing after dreams that is selfishly yours.

But I thought living on for my loved ones is significantly more important than chasing that selfish dream. Providing them with what I have is the best thing I could ever do, right now. I don’t want to live my life with regrets not providing or spending enough time with them. Take effort, plan and travel with the family. That can only be the best thing on Earth.


The smiles on your faces, priceless.10494592_10152328055872746_4901708489541400956_n1970553_10152328061582746_2472482968750444866_n 10530941_10152328053687746_6569794349918871799_n 10568935_10152328061392746_4875058250480035677_n1920173_10152328066267746_1871826667038857951_n IMG_9651


More like a reflection post instead of my usual food introductory post. A time to rest and refresh the mind to focus on the right things. We may not be the richest, but contentment makes a wealthy man ♥

Malacca Getaway

image_15_zpsfcc56072Planned for a short getaway with W for the longest time, and we both decided on the nearest town to explore; Malacca aka Melaka. We booked bus tickets from Starmart Express priced at $45 per pax (two-way). The bus was comfortable and spacious, making the 3 hours drive pleasant!

Day 1


This was the first time I traveled to Malacca and was so excited after seeing photos and reviews online about the delicious food around Malacca Town! One of which is definitely the chicken rice balls originated from Malacca, and that was our first stop once we reach Malacca Central.


We visited Kedai Kopi Chung Hwa which is known to be the best chicken rice ball stall in Malacca. The famous queue was a 35 minutes wait and finally both of us got ourselves a table! Excitedly, we ordered our usual portion. The chicken rice balls are served in a plate of 5, golf-ball sized. Chicken rice balls are steamed rice with chicken stock, cooked with extra water for more sticky texture for the rice balls shaping purposes. Not forgetting, the smooth and silky steamed kampong chicken served with thick ginger sauce. The combination of both sums up a perfecto meal! Combining it with their garlic chilli sauce, I guess I had the best chicken rice balls ever! Both W and I gorged out on 1 whole chicken! *Rub tummy*





Kedai Kopi Chung Wah
18, Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka

Opening hours: 7.30am – 3.00pm

After our meal, we headed to Jonker Street for some street shopping and realized that there were many antiques shop and vintage street backgrounds for awesome OOTD shots! Not just that, but Jonker Street is full of cute character themed boutique shop, like Hello Kitty, Mr Potato and Mamee Monster! Too cute!

10392329_10152186440647746_7211605348422867445_n10277182_10152186443222746_5163104174248541289_n 1559606_10152186438332746_9160447418146946678_n10277021_10152186438287746_841205398260834687_n10370368_10152186442847746_1373593374195380916_n
10336826_10152186443142746_3104071555373021667_n1504020_10152186443082746_3430763792122263117_nCute little eggs popsicle ice! SAMSUNG CSCWe came across I Sayang Bikes(单车生活馆) across Jonker Street and saw bicycle rental for just RM3/hour. Under such cooling nice weather, we thought it would be a great idea to explore town further with our bicycles instead of just walking around the same area. It was such a pleasant experience as it was my first time cycling in a foreign grounds, amusing. I like the idea of having control of where we are heading and being flexible in that sense. Cycling seems to be one of the best way to explore and travel.

10338783_10152186445797746_7778716519229608230_n (1) 10342828_10152186443387746_4856409008561152775_n10365855_10152186445767746_8045294771779335285_n 10312091_10152186445697746_8314780485634809027_n

After our little adventure tour we had, Jash came over to pick us up. Both Jash and Huizhen came up from Kuala Lumpur to meet us! Glad we made time and effort for this short getaway together, cause we miss each other too much! They bought us to Malacca’s most famous food; Satay Celup at Capitol Satay.


Satay Celup is very popular in Malacca and exclusively famous. We see lok lok everywhere in Malaysia, but it is just not the same. Both Jash and Huizhen go to Capitol Satay every time they visited Malacca. Renowned for its ridiculously long queues, we arrived at 4.45pm and waited near 2 hours for a table. The queue were the length of 7 shop houses!

Capitol Satay operates from 5pm and queues starts forming even before 4pm! WHAT?! This is the one and only Capitol Satay Celup in Malacca, they do not have any brother, sister or other branches. Satay celup is also known as steamboat satay, where sticks of raw or semi-cooked meat and vegetables are dipped into a boiling pot of satay gravy for several minutes. There is a very wide assortment available and each stick cost RM 1, randomly customers who ate more were given big prawns and scallops which cost RM 1 too! That’s the catch!

10177344_10152186446112746_4847563886986481530_n10374901_10152186446187746_5689382218594009905_n 10295705_10152186446282746_5503711577643235216_n10330441_10152186446232746_1597277214805911442_n10390899_10152186446417746_4277967083561055603_nOur big prawn of the day! 🙂


Capitol Satay

41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100, Melaka, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Daily from 5pm (Closed on Mondays)

Being the lead of the day, Jash bought us to “Longkang Siham (Back Alley Si Ham) located near Madam King Shopping Complex. Packed with more than 40 years of history, I felt like I was in a reverse time-zone! There is no such back alley food stalls in Singapore or any part of Malaysia, except in Malacca. They sold boiled cockles also known as si ham, calms (la la), prawns, cuttlefish with kang kong and 4 Treasures which includes beancurd skin, fried dough, fish cakes and tofu. Super yummy!

1798580_10152186441027746_1496855107436089059_n10334366_10152186441487746_7920215711081224896_n10401865_10152186441432746_7425242800850024731_n10340135_10152186441382746_8033755366386312214_n10369602_10152186441327746_4724173132094228518_n10363877_10152186441272746_621832190800976147_nLongkang Siham
Off Jalan Bunga Raya Lane, Melaka
(near Madam King Complex)

Open from: 7.30pm onwards

Much needed walk along Jonker Street; Pasar Malam (Night Market). We got ourselves lots of goodies from vegetables cutter to shower tap to glues to towels! Heh!

10314580_10152186441207746_8752784795765360519_nDay 2

Rise and shine! Headed to a coffee shop where W’s relative introduced us for breakfast. I love their toasts as they uses charcoal instead of a electric stove. We had steamed and toasted bread with coffees!

10390416_10152186440437746_502744512376423907_nTried their local laksa too! A lot like the ones in Singapore, curry mee + beehoon.

10325371_10152186440562746_6417639230665343504_nJash drove us outskirt of Malacca Town to try this! He raved so much about it and wanted us to try the Coconut Shake! It was a 20 minutes drove from town. Just look at the amount of coconuts here! Woah! Must be really good business! 10366082_10152186440337746_1823943556071989075_n

10269586_10152186440257746_6220181965464287843_nYummy-licious Coconut Shake! I like! Refreshing and cooling for the warm day! 1979848_10152186440192746_3740897221084490692_n

As we had the best chicken rice ball yesterday, we decided to head back again for more! I will miss this very much! Even W was full of praise with Chung Wah chicken rice balls! Yes, that is a crazy amount of 40 rice balls. Let’s dig in!


What’s a trip to Malacca without eating Chendol? We had the original chendol with Gula Melaka along Jonker Street. Chendol is typically made of coconut milk, green starched noodles with pandan flavoring, red beans, shaved ice and palm sugar.


ONE BITE DURIAN PUFFS! This was listed a must-try along Jonker Street and Jash suggested that we each try one, even though we are stuffed to the brim! Non-stop eating trip! But it was worth the calories! The durian puff burst inside your mouth and oozes! Slurps.
10366038_10152186437982746_6091225332724128000_n10257987_10152186437792746_6610949583806603476_nVisited A Famosa, a Portuguese fortress located in Malacca after shopping at Pahlawan Shopping Mall. A Famosa is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in South East Asia. The Porta de Santiago, a small gate house, is the only remaining part of the fortress still standing. 10380998_10152186436827746_9210027534214334445_n 10402992_10152186436952746_1383901395420448585_nBefore heading to Malacca, I have heard all about their famous mille crepes cakes! When Windie learned that we were going to Malacca, she urged us to try the Mille Crepes from Nadeje and also warned us that they usually sell out by evening. Nadeje is conveniently located at Mahkota Parade, which was nearJonker Street.

Mille crepes are not kueh lapis. The multi-layered cake is made of fresh homemade custard cream and is best eaten chilled. Four of us shared 2 slices of cake, as we were too stuffed from chicken rice, durian puffs and chendol. Burp.


10367155_10152186437472746_4391536904321921441_nSumming up the 2d1n short getaway with W, Jash and Huizhen. Taking a break from work and other stuffs, just have fun and eat non stop! Thankful for the trip and I will be back to Malacca for chicken rice balls and satay celup! Yummy!10366084_10152182401562746_7292357033532070019_n

Royal China & Gardens By The Bay

Heard many raves and good reviews from famous bloggers like ladyironchef and beatricetan recommending this dim sum haven; I had always wanted to try it!  So I did a reservation a week ago before heading down to avoid any disappointment. Raffles Hotel; Royal China whereby they always have their weekends fully booked!!! It have been ages, since we all bought Mummy out for High Tea Dimsum! Which I think Royal China is a perfect location for the parents, Mummy love it! Greeted in by the Tiffany Blue decor and was really amused with their service! They served really good dimsum and overall I would give an 7.5/10! The Chee Chong Fan and Custard Buns can be better!

Bell and Momsie! ❤

The one I like most is this! The Char Siew Tarts!  This is one of Royal China Signature and they did it so well, that once its in your mouththe crisp just melt tactfully into your buds! Too yummy! Another Special Char Siew Buns, they are only available on Sundays and Public Holidays! Lucky us! This is how they make you itch and come back during Sundays and PH! This is second best to the Char Siew Tarts!

Red dates Siew Mai and Over flowing Lava Custard Buns! They are a must have on the dimsum list!

We had so much food that we are almost at the brim of our throats!

Then we decided to head down to the newly Gardens By the Bay Marina South. Wanting to see the super tress and all, we drove down and the carpark was so HUGE packed with so many people!The opening of The Gardens By the Bay was on the 29 June 2012, therefore all of us (Singaporeans and tourists) wanted to have the first hand view of how it looks like! This explains the crowds during the weekends! Many with baby prams and doggy prams!

These are the SUPER TREES! So huge!

Me and Wayne love exploring nature parks! We went to places like Punggol Waterfront and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and our frequent hangout at East Coast Park, we are both very nature-loving and we enjoy doing the most natural activities which is beneficial to our health and both of us find it very stress-relieving! Glad to have found a partner who have the same sentiments as me 🙂 I guess we are outdoor lovers & we enjoy our dating in the simplest way. Activities like running, kite-flying, photo-taking, hiking and packing up home-cooked food for a picnic! I would prefer a hiking date than a movie , if you asked me!

Royal China at Raffles

1 Beach Road, #03-09 Raffles Hotel

Tel : (+65) 633833963

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat: 12pm – 3pm

Sun & PH:11am – 3pm

Mon–Sun:6pm – 10.30pm

Holiday Inn Wedding Lunch

As of auspicious dates, my dearest cousin, Stella had her wedding spread into 2 days! Her traditional wedding customaries and lunch are a week difference, they had their lunch reception at Holiday Inn Hotel. Love the interior of the hotel, the ballroom wasn’t really big but enough for a 30 tables wedding party! Bell and me was helping out at the reception, ticking tables numbers, giving out free parking coupons, arranging the guests sittings and lastly and the most importantly collecting the BIG RED LOVE! That’s what we are suppose to do and help out, then after settling down all the guests, we headed up to the hotel room readily for the bride and groom to help with Stella’s outfit and keeping the red packet safe and sound in the safe!

The Emcee was one of the bride’s best friend, a simple funny family man. The whole event was a simple yet heartwarming one as it didn’t felt so formalized. More of a large scale get together family gathering! The gift for everyone! ❤

My little angels! They look so good in the photos! And they are always so camera-ready! Loveeee!
Outfit for the day, Black Toga dress from FEP #ootd #wwit

Stella’s Wedding

This was the longest await day ever! It’s STELLA’s Wedding Day!!! Had a New Year countdown before heading down to Stella’s place! Was with bf at East Coast Park, our usual hangout. Had probably less than 3 hours of sleep before heading out at 4.30am to get ready! This is the  first time I am attending a wedding so close to me, Stella’s is one of my closer cousin and we do hang out frequently on weekends for a family gathering at gramp’s! I’m sure all of us won’t feel so hyped up if its a long-distant relative! Was really anticipating and excited about what will be happening on that day itself! It was a sisterly-cousin thing with 2 of her best friends that day helping her out! Quite a cozy one I suppose!

The early preparation of the sisters! Me and Bell did our own make-up due to the EARLY  morning and I suppose you would have to pay more if you wanted a make-up artist at that time. So we went for a simple light weight nude make up, and I did a tie-up braided hair for a sweeter look, and cause my hair is so short I can’t do long pleads 😦

Awesome being the earliest have to kick start the wedding by opening the door for the groom! He partyyyy the night before and he’s looking really tired that morning!

The Bride & Groom; stay blissful always.

The crews of the day! Lokwei, my bestie helping out with the photography on the day! Kudos to him and the guys who made things easier! Ryan, Julian and Awesome of cause! 🙂 Was mad busy running around visiting, praying, taking photographs and running errands around for the couple. It was a really fun and joyful experience! None of us was complaining and gladly enjoyed the whole process. Just that we all got too hungry during the run about and was dead beat without any breakfast all the way till 2pm! But for them, it’s okay!

The couple have been together for 9 years. It have been such blessing watching them growing from different stages of life and to witness this day!! It wasn’t easy staying together for this long, and I’m sure they are prepared to face the challenges in the future hand in hand, till they grow old. Happy Marriage lovelies, our deepest blessings! ❤