To get the most from your pocket

With the increasing amount of stress one face during school, work and life. I guess one of the most common question we ask ourselves is how do we get richer? Strike a lottery? Get a better paying job? Improve ourselves by studying? Investing our wealth?

Yes to the above, which I agree we need to look into that aspects of life in time to come. But, have you ever done your part in getting richer? That’s my point today on how we can help ourselves in managing our wealth, which is one of the most important thing to do daily, that’s saving. I believe even top earners need to practice good wealth habits to keep their riches, I am not saying I am absolutely correct but I know saving our wealth is definitely beneficial for us. Therefore, set a amount you want to save, slowly spreading it across a yearly and monthly basis to track if this target is possible to achieve and adjust if necessary. After every month’s paycheck, set a side the planned target amount to save before you overspent and left with nothing to save at the end of the month.


“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”Warren Buffett

“If you buy the things you do not need, soon you will have to sell the things you need “Warren Buffett

Let me share with you my savings tips;

1. Stay indoor. This means to have meals at home and minimizing the spending on entertainment activities or food.

2. If you need to go out, always have your breakfast/lunch at home before heading out. Else, include activities that is wallet-friendly. Instead of a movie and restaurant dinner, opt for a picnic date or volunteer in some charity organisation. (This make weekends more meaningful, isn’t it?)

3. Plus, do bring along your water bottle everywhere! ( As usual, we spent significant amount on bottled drinks)

4. Dine in food-courts or hawker centres for meals. The maximum amount you could spent alone is probably $8? (Comparing to restaurants, easily $20/pax)

5. Keep CARDS off the wallet! It definitely brings off the urge, as cash money is always harder to bear than an electronic transfer.

6. Always remember to keep track your own spending. By monitoring, you will know how you can improve at the end of the month. (For my case, I would take note of every withdrawal transaction on my phone to see where my money go to and how it was spent)


They always work! But always keep in mind, do not be penny wise pound foolish. To be cautious with small amounts of money but wasteful with larger amounts. Likewise, do not be tied up on how boring saving money will be. Play around with it, have your own cheat days and rewards to motivate yourself. Need not be so stringent on what to do or not to do, I believe we will all be our own achievers! 😉