Brands InnerShine RubyCollagen Essence



Was one of the lucky winner from Blissful Bride Magazine Giveaway during their September Issue and I won myself a 6 weeks supply of RubyCollagen Essence from Brands Innershine! I have always wanted to try out this new product launch from Brands. Always trusted Brands for their quality products and tasty flavours, making consumption of beauty supplements much much easier.

What is Collagen?
Collagen is a part of the connective tissue in the skin that helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells. With age, collagen production slows and the cell’s structure weaken. The skin gets thinner and is easier to damage, hair gets lifeless, skin sags and wrinkles, tendons and ligaments become less elastic, joints get stiff etc.

This is why it’s vital for women at ANY age to take collagen daily, that is because our body’s natural collagen production is gradually decreasing. Not only that, with all the stress, pollution and daily food habits, aging will take place even before 20!

We may not be able to see the effects now but by the time we realize it, it might be just too late!

 How does BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence benefit my skin?

BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence supplies skin with RubySignature™, a proprietary formulation containing micro-collagen and Astaxanthin to combat the signs of aging. Through the combined actions of micro-collagen, which replenish collagen levels in the body, and Astaxanthin, which neutralizes the harmful impact of UV rays to minimize collagen depletion, skin suppleness and smoothness are retained.

I enjoy the taste of BRAND’S® InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence very much! The taste of pomegranate and it’s just like a shot of fruit juice. Too yummy! What’s best is that InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence contains no added sugar, artificial colourings, and/or preservatives. Enjoying the purest and freshest collagen from the bottle itself!


That’s me with my bffs during my ROM.

Indeed, proven and tested with the consumption of InnerShine® RubyCollagen after 6 weeks (diligently drinking 2 bottles a day) helps me firm and tighten my skin, keeping them supple and bright for my wedding day. It was such a rescue to my dry thirsty skin and I was won over with praises from everyone on my glowing complexion. Beauty is never a one-time thing, but it is a commitment to maintain it. Therefore, regardless of occasions and situations, InnerShine® RubyCollagen is a should have for young women starting from 20s!

You can purchase InnerShine® RubyCollagen Essence from any Hypermarkets, Watsons Personal Care Store or BRAND’S® E-store (
Do also check out on their Brands® Innershine Facebook Page for more updates and promotions!