Back to the past

old schoolCame across this really old-school shop which sells almost anything from the 90s. How much we grew out of this “era” and now it’s the gadget era. So Wayne and I went a little crazy in the shop and spent almost 10 bucks here. Like seriously, buying all kind of sweets, biscuits and bubble balls! (So much of saving money?) LOL.

old school1


HAHAHA! He is trying to say that his bubble ball is bigger than mine! Damn kuku! I think age is catching up liao, cause after blowing 1 bubble ball I think I almost went breathless. Okay, not that exaggerating but kind of.

Wayne got the little kid face. Now I feel like I’m older than him but in fact, OBVIOUSLY not. Thankfully he is tall enough to justify his age, else I will be like a old hag bringing the kid around. Lol. YES! It’s time for a haircut! Can’t wait to get rid of the curls!! I did the perm last year Sept, almost 6 months now. Good enough for ROM and now it’s time for a change. I still prefer bob haircut cause I feel younger & my face looks smaller? Cause can cover.. Haha!

Still haven’t got the time to sort out the Japan pictures and will do them soonest! On the note, we booked a mini trip for July already! Yet again with the whole family. Now that age is catching up, it will definitely be more for my parents. I hope that I can give them happiness and enjoyment before everything is too late. Okay, I’m being emotional but who knows what will happen next? Family is always first.

Busy with all the runabout these weekdays and weekends. Probably something good will happen soon! Yay! Can’t wait for July already.