First Wedding Anniversary at Pidgin

Just how time flies. 13th February 2014, the most important day in my life.

Being together for 5 years, I am truly blessed with all the love and support from W. He have been the pillar of strength in times of need. It have been a truly blessed journey with him although our journey wasn’t the easiest.

We had a simple dinner at Pidgin Kitchen & Bar after work and it was fantastic! The fusion of food served enticed our taste buds, especially the Quail Egg Maguro Mix and Uni Angel Hair Pasta! ♥14948_10152772030497746_3566404363772341255_n

10984263_10152772030707746_3490743408602617650_n 10984268_10152772030797746_8136223784491719952_nThank you for being you. Xx

POSB PAssion Run for Kids 2014

10624853_683863025043558_8680549216182989858_nPhoto taken by: Run Society Facebook

This was the first time I joined in for POSB PAssion Run for Kids! The race route was great and it wasn’t too squeezy as the participants for the 10km Run (Male and Female) was limited. Unlike the usual marathons we went for with sweats drip body contact and slowing speed progression due to congested participants on road.


The main focus was not on us definitely, but the kids’ dash and other activities held that morning. The funds rose over the marathon and donations goes to POSB PAssion Kids Fund, whose aim was to support children in the community through different programmes in Singapore. It is part of the People’s Association Community Development Fund (PACDF), a registered charity under the Charities Act.

Over the past 2 years, POSB PAssion Kids Fund has reached out to more than 70,000 children in 33 programmes in Singapore.

Some notable projects that POSB PAssion Kids Fund has supported include:

  • Project We Care Free Kicks Programme with Central CDC for underprivileged kids with talent in soccer to hone their skills and self confidence through training by Real Madrid Foundation
  • Young Savers Programme with North East CDC to inculcate the virtue of saving in children through workshops
  • KidzLearn with South West CDC to prepare underprivileged preschoolers academically and socially for Primary One education

10419541_10152435843247746_4140632187181960751_nIt was such a meaningful race for me as I was doing what I love most and at the same time contributing to the society. A perfect start to Sunday morning! In addition, the goodie bag given to us was awesome too! Heh. Runners are entitled to a shoe bag, plastic water bottle, lots of snacks and other sports related goodies!

POSB-PAssion-Run-for-Kids-2014-race-packPHOTO CREDITS: JUSTRUNLAH.COM

15411_10152436297512746_474279248497878178_nThat’s us after the completion of the race! Satisfied and awesome workout! I love joining marathons as it always allows me to reflect and push myself to the limit.

As you harbor the intention of giving up also known as walking, you will realize that is giving up (unless your body condition doesn’t permit so). You will see runners picking up their paces, trying harder to jog instead of walking and making completion do-able! Marathons always taught me how to preserve on, no matter how tired those legs’ muscles were and how sweaty that tee-shirt is. Refreshing my mind on how fitness came about to me and how I started with running as my favourite activity.



The reward for running ain’t about medal, but the running satisfaction and determination for the race. One can always stop by and walk, but a runner will pull up all his/her effort to complete the race, running.

“You’re crazy” – A runner’s favourite compliment

Alive Museum

Went to Alive Museum with W on our off day last week! The newly opened 10,000 square feet of 3D interactive art wow-ed us, as we snapped nearly 300 photos on our camera! W is such a poser, he can almost relate to every picture and start doing all sorts of different poses -.-

Anyways, Alive Museum was first opened in 2009 as South Korea’s first original 3D visual illusion museum; it claims to be the world’s largest chain of this concept where 2D art comes to live. It has eight branches in South Korea, three in China and one in Thailand, Vietnam and Turkey. This also includes 70 masterpieces like Trick Art, Digital Art and Object Art. Expect yourself to feel like a kid again, jumping, going on all fours, sitting in a boat or bend it like MJ!

1496657_10152395455217746_181246714474927409_n (1)10609645_10152395386247746_1088695386847246336_n10635737_10152395386582746_3494882848586262344_n10386835_10152395386672746_8197479258139536405_n10574365_10152395388727746_8043089902299115250_n10632610_10152395455912746_3931791813058203987_n10609645_10152395387212746_570496848871535625_n10610788_10152395388617746_5166075541491489086_n11289_10152395383392746_7454038700491322123_n1908056_10152395383307746_218436993929331118_n 10636334_10152395388922746_1263189169228245055_n10403174_10152395388147746_5613813784510275939_n 10403370_10152395390542746_8715050227659364_n 10449895_10152395387477746_5015952406630582987_n 10485920_10152395389302746_6037555989560551475_n
10516585_10152395387487746_287287791713716270_n 1477431_10152395454492746_5581796090409671393_n10563002_10152395453742746_7995560240039549410_n 10574208_10152395392052746_905982804941444116_n 10606511_10152395389057746_2007658989330032642_n 10639687_10152395455607746_1420385558609417655_n 10610474_10152395386027746_3965544519955504813_n 10624951_10152395383457746_8423715190320516230_n 10628450_10152395456067746_2561190887006896153_n 10635846_10152395391222746_2129729126829851084_n10644975_10152395385652746_6159639141473879233_n10649525_10152395455052746_2561994422597365580_n10653473_10152395382612746_2114753138003241441_n

To sum up, we spend about 1.5 hours in the museum with continuous photo taking. It was pretty common to have similar poses as everyone else in the museum, but I think the joy of it will be fun taking the photos and laughing away. It will be a great place if you love taking photos, like I do.

I will recommend;

  • To go during off peak days/hours, like Tuesday 2-5pm, so that you wouldn’t get “photo-bomb” here and there while you are posing with those 3D art work.
  • Go with a small group of 2-4, otherwise it will be really difficult to coordinate the photo taking together.
  • Be sure to go to the toilet before you enter the museum as the ticket only allows one time entry and there is no toilet located within the museum.
  • Stand at the right photo point and angle to achieve the most realistic looking photos
  • Bring your own camera! As the harsh lighting in the museum does not portray the idealistic photo ambience and would not turn out well on phones-cameras.
  • For girls, do not wear a skirt as it will be really inconvenient for photo-taking whilst lying down on the floor or jumping on the trampoline.
Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (Between Towers 3 and 4)
Nearest MRT Station: Promenade
Operating Hours: 10am-10pm Daily
(Last admission at 9pm)


Till the next! ♥

Ipoh and Cameron Highlands Trip

Finally, got the time to pen down my reflection trip back to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands with the family! This trip was a long planned by W for my family and closest relatives to visit his hometown. He did many arrangements for transport and lodging, not forgetting the planning of the itinerary with his parents.

Therefore, those time together was really precious to me and W. Seeing them getting together, having fun, relaxing and enjoying every moment with the family was just worth every single bit of tedious planning back behind. It was my parents’ first trip to Ipoh and my 8th? I still enjoy going back every time, with the good food, companion and little things that brings you back from the city life to a slower pace town. One of my favourite place, still.

10348454_10152328109882746_5392065589208809365_nEvery where was place-perfect for #ootd shots! Anyhow, you can see a wall back drop or a vintage looking street, just anywhere around the streets of Ipoh. 10385297_10152328109207746_2091740215560644256_n10354946_10152288619337746_1273156175075705492_nStreet painting along Ipoh Old Town, drawn by famous Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic who also did old streets art along George Town, Penang too! Blending in the environment, these street painting depict scenes of local cultural day-to-day activities. Adding a touch of liveliness and warmth to the quiet alleys. I love these Kopi-O painting best!

10441474_10152328109852746_7508683052354982550_nWhen talking about Ipoh, we think about food, food and more food! One of the food haven in the world, yes, they have the best bean sprouts, steamed chicken, white coffee, smoothest flat rice noodles Hor Fun, Dim Sum, Assam Laksa and seafood. It is true that Malaysia have the best food in the world, fusion cuisine to Chinese style food never go wrong. We can never get to taste such traditional food in Singapore anymore, that explains why more people are driving/traveling up to places like Ipoh and Penang just for their food. 10563020_10152328116422746_5159203864196334164_n


10527526_10152328115762746_2805872986752490131_n 10514564_10152328120142746_6393534937471121909_n 10481938_10152328109947746_5059408632184734313_n
10420339_10152328119457746_7210641068024101630_n 10357460_10152328053267746_2098129480207168602_n

Here’s a website on the famous eateries in Ipoh. Not forgetting, home-cooked dishes! I love the Sour Chicken best and will be mastering this recipe soon! The home brew soup was simmered for 4 hours, which explains the thickness and rich colour with the sweetest taste. Cooking at home warms our heart even more, as cooking takes much effort and time. From the buying to the preparation to the cooking and lastly, to the washing. Therefore, be appreciative for the people who cook for you. It isn’t as easy as eating and only mothers goes through trouble like this, to bring out the best on the table.

Enjoying the pretty sunset from MH Hotel, Ipoh. The beauty of nature, simplest yet so fulfilling. Allowing me to do some reflections in life, on how sometimes we take things so seriously. Being on a trip, make me realized how fortunate I am to be here, living and enjoying time with my family. Appreciative and contented. I realized that nothing is more significant than our family presence and being together. Sometimes, we all chase after material things like a house, a car, a dream trip or even that branded bag. Neglecting the people around us, chasing after dreams that is selfishly yours.

But I thought living on for my loved ones is significantly more important than chasing that selfish dream. Providing them with what I have is the best thing I could ever do, right now. I don’t want to live my life with regrets not providing or spending enough time with them. Take effort, plan and travel with the family. That can only be the best thing on Earth.


The smiles on your faces, priceless.10494592_10152328055872746_4901708489541400956_n1970553_10152328061582746_2472482968750444866_n 10530941_10152328053687746_6569794349918871799_n 10568935_10152328061392746_4875058250480035677_n1920173_10152328066267746_1871826667038857951_n IMG_9651


More like a reflection post instead of my usual food introductory post. A time to rest and refresh the mind to focus on the right things. We may not be the richest, but contentment makes a wealthy man ♥

My 13rd February


How time flies, from our planning to photo shoot to the actual day. It’s was a simple affair with the family as we intended to do it privately. I can’t believe it till now! Not that Wayne isn’t the right partner, but I just feel so. It have been a year since our planning. I know it’s going to be a good start for the both of us, cause nobody said it was easy but it’s going be all worth it.

Crazy weekend we had! Was busy with the real thing and all the other activities! I enjoy family time very much, let alone being able to go places altogether. Wayne & I tied our knot on 13th February 2014. It will be a very special day for us as we bring our relationship to the next level. Once again, another challenge ahead of us will be unlocked.

Sharing a few of my favourite shots;



1461049_10151883725827746_1430707168_n (1)




A union for the both of us, having his family to be mine and vice versa.

It’s a indescribable and amazing feeling I have there. It’s not just a ceremony but emotionally & mentally we have for one another. It somehow changes.

Sun kissed Langkawi with Tigerair

8th November – 11th November 2013

YAY! Won a pair of Langkawi air tickets via Tigerair Travel Less Ordinary Contest! Visited one of the nicest place in Malaysia! The sun, sand, beach and everything. We did our own tour and hotel booking as these are not provided. Langkawi is a duty free island and have fewer than 65,000 in population. So practically, almost the whole of Langkawi know each other? I guess so. The place is safe and people are nice, comparing it to their other counterparts like Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru definitely.


Our lovely hotel at Four Points at Sheraton and it’s located a stone throw from the Langkawi International Airport. Greeted by the clear pool water daily and it’s time to rest and relax! We had local breakfast along the streets in Kuah, explore around the Cable Car, Black Sea and the Eagle Statue of Langkawi! (We combed almost the whole of Langkwai btw!) Wonderful escapade with my dearest! Snorkeling, street shopping, massage, exploring new places & cultures.



Experiencing the pool of fishes swimming around! Really itching and scary!


What’s a trip without seafood? One of the yummiest seafood in town of Langkawi located along Pantai Cenang where all the late night streets shopping and massage parlors are located!


Ending Langkawi with a cheers! An awesome short retreat to refresh the mind from work and I am definitely gonna be back to this tiny island of nature!

Beijing Trip 2013

One of the trip with love and his family ♥11940_10151434382397746_1923258206_n 65140_10151434377267746_913227761_n 420715_10151434368437746_1352355958_n 537833_10151434369442746_1427125075_n 551320_10151434375747746_1952811386_n 601842_10151434371267746_487848167_n 931213_10151434368867746_1188618323_n Here’s us being in awe with The Great Wall of China. Absolutely amazing and stunning, indeed one of the greatest history for the Chinese. 21103_10151439244437746_767746930_n 311066_10151439243932746_1509364164_n 601757_10151439243687746_1631072933_n 935017_10151439242742746_221722370_n (1)65635_10151439322632746_522648770_n 311045_10151439324007746_113972348_nEverywhere seems to be a place for historical #ootd! We visit Beijing Olympics Bird-Nest Stadium, HUGE. 485624_10151439309727746_10929419_n379830_10151439311232746_1297770207_n532809_10151439310117746_445255981_n298026_10151439315932746_1489226073_n554706_10151439313727746_43856409_n 554705_10151439325352746_1708610323_nScorpions, starfish or maggots anyone?733769_10151439329992746_1565849076_n Being with you, the greatest blessings of all.923535_10151439393702746_1590675613_n32598_10151439399317746_1389424961_n

375032_10151439392677746_1052708108_n 386805_10151439394122746_1730924723_n 48000_10151439471452746_1500006973_n 384376_10151439569932746_780605692_n562580_10151439465172746_1791663851_n397957_10151439481122746_1685869462_n528414_10151439488517746_921892702_n532837_10151439567972746_284109068_n399874_10151439566167746_1013226165_n 384547_10151439577177746_507449735_n

Singapore Airshow 2012

Attended the Singapore Airshow 2012 all thanks to Julian! He got 4 tickets in total, and we are all ready to soak ourselves under the sun and plane snapping! It was the first time for me, bf and bell to attend this event. The highly raved Jackie Chan private jet was one of the highlights during the whole event, other than those National Air Force like Malaysia, United States and Singapore displaying their very own jets. Furthermore, the indoor exhibit consists of many Singapore most proud of, like our airport, military weapons and vehicles.




It was an amazing experience to be there and to take photos with the overseas pilots. I guess it would be really exciting to fly a plane that can twirl around the sky! Feel really proud of them! After all, it would be best if I had more sunscreen on! It was burning that day.. Thankful for the cap & shades though! 🙂

Taiwan trip

The best trip in my life, my first with him.

What I have learn in this trip is to depend on you, always. You planned this wonderful trip just for me. Without your research and homework done, I guess we will never be able to visit those places that’s so hidden even the locals do not know about. Which is really impressive how we can still find our way everyday, just by asking the people on streets. Thankful for all the kind and warm the Taiwanese that guide/help us through our adventure. They really touch my heart with their warm polite and helpful attitude. Making the whole trip very pleasurable and fun, I fall in love with Taiwan all over again and I wish we could visit Taiwan again.