Australia Adventure – Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

Gliding up the sky in the hot-air balloon is nothing but spectacular. A flying basket literally, with a huge fire torch above! It have shown me the best view of a sunrise and land full of floating-clouds. Yet another strike off my bucket list! 🙂

Have you wonder how it feels like to have a scenic screensaver-worthy-just-like-some-google-images right in front of you? Impressive. I was in awe when I saw the beautiful big balloons for the very first time in my life. Hot-air ballooning still felt so unbelievably true even till today.Breathtaking, you call that.

This was the view I captured before our balloon rose up from the ground. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect for ballooning. Even though, getting up at 3:00AM was the biggest struggle for us. But everything was worth it. No words can describe being 3500ft above ground, on a rattan basket and a fire torch above us. The sunrise view and land clouds were so beautiful.

My family and I were first-timers on hot-air ballooning. Therefore, we seek many opinions and did many research before deciding on Hot Air Gold Coast. We were given 2 standard choices of a half-an-hour ride OR an hour ballooning, and we went ahead with an hour balloon ride. It was a definite choice as it was timely-sufficient and we were able to take our photos and simply enjoying the scenic view leisurely.

There were about 24 of us in 1 hot air balloon and we were instructed to get in one by one – climbing in to the basket. Next, we were greeted by the most experienced with the record for most reliable balloon ride take-offs pilots on board and we were ready to set off ground!

I can say the experience high up there was really different from what we initially thought. We were absolutely wrong about bringing our jackets to the balloon, as there were already a huge fire “heater”above our heads. It was pretty warm when the fire was turned on to change the direction/movement upwards. We were also told that there were as much as 40 landing spots for the balloon to descend.

Did you know, Hot Air balloons stand taller than a ten storey building?

From top, we saw many greenery and dot-like animals. They look so tiny from afar!

What a relaxing ride! Breathing in the freshest air in an wide-open space of greens and amazing spectacle of other balloons in the morning sky. I can never have another morning like this!

Have I also commended on their customer service excellence? All the staff I liaised with in Hot Air Gold Coast were absolutely friendly and prompt in their response! Over on their website, there’s a chat tab which is really easy and convenient – I could chat with them anytime! Otherwise offline, an automated email will be send to your e-mail.

Thank you Hot Air Gold Coast for a spectacular and incredible experience I will never forget in my life. It was a perfect end to a perfect morning in the air! Before we ride off to O’Reilly Vineyard  for our breakfast and champagne, we all got ourselves our very own commemorative flight certificate! Yay! ❤

Scenic Queensland, how much we adore you and enjoyed everything in placed for us. If you ever get a chance to ride on a hot air balloon, anywhere, just do it. It will be an unforgettable experience, you won’t regret.

Price ranges from AUD$280 onwards inclusive of Oreillys Canungra Valley Vineyard Full Hot Breakfast and Champagne. Hop over to Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast Facebook page to find out more about them!

Hot Air Gold Coast

Address: 23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Phone:+61 1300 766 887

Opening Hours: Everyday from 8:00am  to 8:00pm for bookings 

Hot Air Ballooning starts from 3:30AM – 5:30AM.

(Pick up from accommodation in Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Main Beach or meet at Nerang or Canungra.)

Australia Adventure – Gold Coast Skydive

Maybel 0135This must be one of the best feeling in the world!

*Tick* on my bucket list! I have always wanted to try skydiving as I’m one who sought for fun and thrill. It isn’t just about being brave but to experience the adrenaline rush of leaping out of a plane is so exhilarating! I enjoyed it so much I would do it again anytime!

When my family decided on our trip to Australia, I was so determined to have it all planned out! I went to many social sites on skydiving and came across Gold Coast Skydive. Gold Coast seems like the perfect place for me as I enjoy being out in the sun, sand and sea and I thought why not do my skydiving and land on the beautiful soft sand along Kirra Beach? Moreover, there were many good reviews about Gold Coast Skydive and I was so decided.

The admin supports by Gold Coast Skydive was awesome! Like everyone else, I bombarded them with some of the most frequent questions one can ask and they were so professional and prompt in their response. I got their replies almost immediate or the day after as there were a 2 hours time difference from Queensland and Singapore.

Maybel 0009 Special thanks for my skydive tandem master, Steve – who is a very experienced skydiving master and he had done more than 20,000 jumps till date! Yes, he is 60 years old and I am so amazed how he could have so much energy in him. He was very encouraging throughout my skydiving experience from the time I stepped into the office, to getting ready and till the minute I leap off the plane 12,000 ft above ground.

I was constantly reassured by him on the safety measures. He was so attentive to my nervousness he tried to calm things down and reminded me that I was in good hands. Not just that, he commented that I was doing well and was a very brave girl to have come this far. I thought little things like that meant so much to me as it empowered me. I was somehow mentally prepared for my first leap. 

On our way to the airport, I casually mentioned to Steve that W was doing this skydive with me – without hesitation, he initiated a picture for the both of us ♥
Maybel 0036 Maybel 0038 Maybel 0044 Maybel 0053 Maybel 0056I was the last to board the plane and so I will be the first to go. Sitting by the door-less plane (with safety belts of cause) the experience was nothing describable. The view was breathtaking and phenomenal! We were literally 12,000 ft above ground and above clouds. I was the first to take the lead when Steve patted me on my shoulder and gave me a signal to get ready for our jump. I was nervous yet excited to experience the 200km/h free-fall and to view Gold Coast from a different light. I was ready.
Maybel 0081 Maybel 0098 Maybel 0107Maybel 0110Maybel 0178

Yes, I did it! It was all worth it! The only regret that I had was it ended too quickly. I have never seen myself smiling so happily and simply being myself. The one who’s fearless and enjoys thrill at it’s best. For those who are hesitating, I can say everyone is afraid of heights initially but it takes courage and passion about enjoying the thrill. If you would ask me –  I am definitely going to do it again! The experience was nothing but awesome and it will be fond memories I bring forward in my life. Maybel 0208Maybel 0215Once again, many thanks to the team in Gold Coast Skydive and the one standing next to me with all my crazy adventures. I’m so glad to have you by my side. 

If you are heading to Gold Coast and planning to do a skydive, you’re in for a great deal! Gold Coast Skydive offer free pickups from hotels in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. They are really easy to liaise with, just drop them an email and book your slots. Be quick as they get quite a bit of bookings all around the world! Lastly, I would advise the early morning jump slots of 5.30am/6.30am/7.30am as the day breaks and the sunrise view is simply fantastic and breathtaking! 

xoxo ♥


Gold Coast Skydive

Add: 1/78 Musgrave Street, Kirra, 4225

Tel:(07) 5599 1920


Time: 8am – 5:30pm

Click here to Book Now