Personal Insights: Internships


Have you seen my Personal Insights on Part Time Jobs? Today, I will be sharing more about Internship Singapore!
Internship is a paid learning – on the job experience in an external film that hires students from tertiary institutes. Internship are also known as industrial placements allows students to get part-time employment and experience in the industry relating to their field of study and most internships last between 3 months to 6 months. An internship experience are valuable to students as a means of allowing them to have a first-hand experience of working life. It will be useful for students as to gain experience in a particular industry and further determine what they want to pursue as a career.

The emphasis of an internship is to learn on the job and develop training for students and how their studies are applied in the “real world”. Internship enhance the relevance of being on-the-job instead of just reading thick textbooks in class and these work experience can be highly attractive to potential employers.

During my times in Republic Polytechnic, students were not required to go through an internship as part of my course structure. RP focuses on problem-based learning and it was a unique learning experience that puts students through problems faced by industry players and learning was constant. However, I thought placing myself into the workforce will better allow me to find out what it was like to be working and experiencing full-time job, personally. Therefore I took this myself by sourcing out for my very own internship! Yes, I did an internship with a travel agency for 5 months. Internships in Singapore isn’t too hard to find, as many organisations seek interns as and when required. I should say, the benefits being an intern is that that you get to choose where you want to work at, moreover you may get a chance to expand your network and join the company full-time if performances exceeds expectation! Plus, interns get paid too!
Other than Singapore Internship, you may also find institutes that offers overseas internship opportunities. Taking that into another level of learning plus fun, as you get to experience the life of the locals. Everyone will be in the workforce eventually, and having an internship experience with any organisation will bring forth a better standing in the future. I believe in every learning, it all starts with the willingness to take the first step out trying and believing in our dreams.

3 thoughts on “Personal Insights: Internships

  1. Here in Switzerland, internships are also an important step in the process of learning and integrating young people into the working world; it lets them get hands-on, as you say, and also helps them decide if what they are studying toward really is the job they’d want to pursue. They are also an important point on CVs (resumés) when looking for a full-time job later on, to show performance levels and provide references.

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