PADI Open Water Experience


One of the best experience ever. Swimming with the fishes and staying underwater is so cool, literally! If you haven’t tried diving before, then you are missing out a whole lot of adventure and fun.

We had our first diving adventure with Sunny Cove  and their instructors were very professional and most importantly, they focus on safety techniques and how to be confident in water. And, I thought these were the vital techniques for a beginner diver. We went to Tioman Island, Malaysia for our 2d1n diving experience!11665761_10153071049027746_2853869125636312730_n

We were on this swimming platform throughout our Day 1 dive. One by one, with an aid of a thick rope – we were being led down to the sea bed with a depth of less than 5m. Instructed to make our way underwater by deflating our BCD also known as Buoyancy Control Device and at the same time equalising slowly  as to prevent the sudden increment of pressure in the ears and lungs. I guess this must be the most challenging part of our diving experience.

The fear of being underwater in the sea is so much different from our usual pool session. Plus, making our way down to the sea-bed for the first time and to perform safety skills such as removing our mask & re-wearing it, and to share air with a buddy.




After a few attempts of getting underwater, we kind of got used to it and find it extremely enjoyable and fun! Even though W nose bleed a little, as he had some trouble equalising. We were told by our instructor that it was a very common ‘injury’ for first-timers, just as long as we don’t bleed from our ears we are good. Haha!

Day 2 dives session were absolutely breath-taking. We were all able to better control our buoyancy, get under-water within a minute and simply, enjoy our dive. We saw many fishes like puffer-fish and trigger fish (ZOMG, first time for our Tioman instructor too!), turtles, black tip shark and many beautiful corals.11216824_10153071050722746_749052802534083407_n



I am so glad to have them during my Open Water Diving experience. It was unforgettable with many fun moments in & out of the water.

I guess the love for diving is the surreal feeling you get to experience underwater, controlling your own breathing and movement around. Nothing but yourself. Nothing but peace. I can’t wait for us going on our next course! 2016, hopefully! 🙂 11693883_10153071049862746_1193704644535086774_n



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