Kelong Times

10501748_10153059244962746_4428954599144904213_n This is definitely one of the best travel experience with the ones I loved most. Having nothing with us, but so much love and laughter. Getting away from the hectic city buzz to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Enjoying the sea breeze and simply, doing nothing.

1901435_10153059244872746_363876049597838546_n22302_10153059697612746_2294910260524874014_n 1471206_10153059246077746_4899562653058612269_n10352384_10153059698472746_3501057530794876141_n1662557_10153059245792746_3665314786497402947_n

10402437_10153059245092746_5049247166291043838_n11018110_10153059245202746_6649843646287613942_nEvery meal is so huge on the Kelong! We had our fair share of seafood in every single meal as being near to the sea, seafood were freshest and sweetest. We had 3 full meals, tea-break snacks and supper everyday! Oh yes, plus those durians we had everyday.

11261678_10153059698697746_8860901532010382172_n (1)As Father’s Day falls on that weekend, I specially requested for a cake to be brought from Kawal town all the way to the Kelong for all daddies on board! It was such a heart-warming sight to see them all healthy and active at their age.11054483_10153059699042746_2237577254274723747_nMy family and I enjoy outdoor activities very much therefore we love being at places near the sea, getting sun-soaked and exploring new things. We had so much fun catching small fishes and squids. I believe this runs in the family – we just love being carefree. All of us are closely knitted to one another and we simply enjoy doing things together. I hope that in future, my own family will embrace such closeness and love.

Growing up, I know my parents are growing older as well. The more I feel that time is precious with them. The only thing I wish for them now is to have good health, always.

10412017_10153059705012746_6534837505300869401_n1625623_10153059704992746_5336666090147880963_nSome of the bigger catch during the 3 days stay in the Kelong! Fishing was never my kind of activity but personally, I enjoy the surreal feeling of peace it brings to me. The waiting can be annoying for me at least, but it teaches me how patience and luck plays a part in everything that we do. No rush, no hurry – just practice, wait and you will get it. I see it all on W’s effort in fishing because he had the most practice and he was the one with the most catch. Proud of you! 10250303_10153059244932746_7161505313291201909_n11008544_10153059721542746_9138317694400055737_n10277710_10153059721982746_8123327465005887694_nCan’t wait for the next getaway with them again, till then. Xx


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