Sundown Marathon 2014

1526701_10152211396322746_8832768134603916558_nCompleting the 21.1 kilometers marathon is one of my best achievement in 2014; despite the swelling kneecap before the race and wet weather during the 14 km mark. Despite all, I think pure determination conquers all. I did complete my race.

It was my second 21.1km race with Sundown Marathon. Knowing that I’m not a long distance runner by nature, 21.1km was the furthest distance I have done till date. During my usual runs, I would probably jog about 5km -10km depending on my body condition or if I am doing other cardio workout like skipping, etc. 8707_10152215708222746_947718186887619147_nLet us take a selfie first, before race starts! This year, with Peter and Christina!


Sundown Marathon Singapore brings out night running and stood out from other marathons that took place in the morning. It was the nation’s first night marathon in 2008, and had reach 30,000 runners till date, making it Asia’s largest night marathon. This year with a new theme: BRING ON THE NIGHT.

With three race categories – 10 km, half marathon and full marathon – Sundown Marathon gives runners the chance to step out of our comfort zone and challenged us on running through the night without a wink.

All runners getting ready to race.

10436356_10152215707552746_2636067758941458558_n Running around the CBD area brings the best scenic night of Singapore and makes running more pleasant. Enjoying the view, the breeze and the race.10411314_10152215707517746_1917888685354393779_nOne of the happiest moment was to cross the 20km mark. 10338286_10152215707467746_5321235243078844660_nChallenging myself to another 21.1km race wasn’t easy, it was another level for my fitness attainment. Due to my injured right knee, I abstained myself from running too fast as it felt as though it would give way anytime. The night rain that stayed away during the start came by during my 14km mark. Leaving us all soak and drench in water & sweat. Ah.. That feeling. The temperature was cooler than usual and obviously, most runners slowed down due to wet floor. Moreover, my tracking application shows that we ran more than the stimulated race distance too.

Overall, my race timing was not my ideal and I thought I could have done better. Perhaps due to the swollen knee and the lack of long distance training. Running long distance was not my forte, but I  would definitely try to brush the timing up for next year’s Sundown.

10341875_10152220728312746_8433444279794940568_nHave you ever wonder how far 21.1km is? Before my race, I never knew how much this distance was a turmoil to me. After some research, this distance was almost equivalent to 230 football fields and the distance from Singapore to Johor Bahru. Wow.

football fields21

Along the race, came to meet up with Kent running just beside me. Haven’t seen him for the longest time and glad he is doing well now.
10382735_10152215706892746_4628703983616567136_nAfter completing the race, we can’t stop taking selfies together! Nana, my favourite running partner and I am so proud of her for completing her first half marathon this year! It must be one of the greatest running achievement for her and I am glad to play a part in this. 10407972_10152215707302746_4978489667807737184_n10440278_10152215706787746_7243419587827685389_n

Running brings life. The sense of accomplishment is never going to be enough, runners will yearn for more, in terms of self-confidence and accomplishment. Came across this web on why everyone should do a marathon, and that every reason touches how I felt. Just RUN ♡

“They will call you crazy. They will tell you not to do it. They will tell you that the human body was not made to withstand running long distances. But they will never understand.”



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