5 green juice recipe to detoxify effectively

The rave on juice cleanse are on the rise now! Most ladies out there are yearning to try juice cleanse, in the hope of wanting to lose some excess weight. The basic principle is to flush out all toxins in the body. By relying on juices itself, the body is dependent on the liquid solely. Therefore, it is important to choose the right juices during these cleanse.

Juice fasting has long been used as a great way to detox human body. This process of flushing out works very well while fasting because our body does not need to divert any attention to process such as digestion and elimination of food we eat. Whatever we eat or drink during fast is very light which puts minimum pressure on our system. Thus our body works effectively in healing itself (our body has a mechanism of self healing) which also includes removing toxins, healing internal and external wounds, etc.

Talking about super food, who doesn’t know that vegetables are the best source of fiber and nutrients? Therefore, here are my pick for the 5 best green juice!



  1. 1/4 Japanese Cucumber
  2. 1 Seeded Green Apple
  3. 2 stalks of Celery
  4. 1/2 Green Pepper
  5. 1/4 Bittergourd


  1. Wash all ingredients.
  2. Chop them and put all ingredients into a juicer.


Taste relatively sweet as the Green Apple and Cucumber neutralize the bitterness of bittergourd.


Exceptionally good at preventing high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders and constipation.

5 juice drink

Purported benefits

High in antioxidants, controls blood sugar, iron deficiencies, detoxifying effect, and weight loss.

The bittergourd is said to detoxify your body and also has been known in Asian naturopathy to be an excellent vegetable for the management of diabetes and high blood-sugar conditions. Drinking it to balance out high-GI foods that have been consumed as to counter the high insulin production.

Green Bell Peppers
According to website research, 1 cup of green bell peppers provides our body with 120 mg or the equivalent of 200 percent of your daily vitamin C intake! Great for the skin too!

An excellent source of Vitamin K, celery is also a low calorie food that is GREAT for people who are trying to lose weight, with it’s high antioxidants level making it a super food suitable for all ages!

Cucumbers are high in potassium and silicate, which is great for replacing lost electrolytes as well as being awesome for your skin health.

Green Apple
Green apples give you the sweet and sour taste that is highly packed with nutrients and it is LOW in calories!

Try having this power juice every morning before breakfast, it is the best time for absorption during an empty stomach! If you are trying it out for a 3 days juice programme (6 x 500ml of juice per day for 3 days), you may like to include this power juice into the regime. However, not everybody is able to do a 3-days juice cleanse programme varying from body to body. The body may not be used to a sudden change from solid food to liquid food. The best way is to listen to your body and react with how it feels! Take baby steps in improving your health and make it a habit to replace wholesome food with junk food. The way back to health is the best decision of my life!

xHappy weekends.



3 thoughts on “5 green juice recipe to detoxify effectively

  1. Is there a way I could get some tan power juice in the uk had one while I was there got good results my hb1c went from 7.2-5.6 my doctor very impress a few friends need some

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