All about keeping fit and healthy

Eating in moderation and workout is the key thing in health & wellness. I do indulge in fattening and sweet food sometimes too. Especially, if its your favourite food, right? Just work out afterwards and indulge moderately.


Meals this days are home-packed tuna salads and soup dishes. First, it’s definitely a healthier choice as compared to hawker fares and I can save money! Hahaha! Why not?


Home cooked food is good, without MSG ,without sugar and excessive salt. Healthy is 1 thing and another is cause I want to be wallet-friendly too! Hard earned money leh, easy to spent but takes time and effort to earn those moneys.

Now that I’m working, I would love to advise the younger teens to start the saving habits when they are young. Nowadays, people tend to overspend and earn lesser than what they spend. I think prolonged, it’s bad. Just recently, Wayne & I sat down together and discussed about our 5 years plan. He was the one who suggested we do a simple plan on our finances and aim towards what we want to do in the future. He picked up a supervisory training course with the company and continue reading up on self improvement and financial understanding.

He does motivate me & always igniting the “saving $” nature in me. I wished I could resist some online shopping sometimes.

Monthly, I would set aside $100 for casual shopping but if I spent that $40 on a new dress, I would already feel the pinch and feeling guilty all over. That $100 is actually just a gauge, but I CANNOT anyhow buy things one uh!! I will just leave that $ for savings in the end. WAHAHAHA! Cause I felt that I have everything I need. Say it bags, clothing or accessories. (But its never enough, right girlfriends?)

Then again, these will be where my money will park at monthly without fail! Health food! I’m a health food addict, tell me this product good for detox, good for diet or good for skin… I WILL BUY. Of cause, not everything but I will tend to show MORE interest in them.

That’s me. I rather spent them for my own internal well-being and my family.

healthy3One of the most highly raved Organic Soy Milk in the USA! Like what I previously mentioned on Instagram, our bodies cannot digest animal milk and non-dairy like oat, soy and rice milk will be best alternatives and MUCH much healthier! Your body will be able to absorb calcium and many nutritions from non-dairy milk. You can get this milks off shelves at hypermarkets like Cold Storage or NTUC Finest, you may also order them online!


Another brand that local celebrity, Jacelyn Tay recommended through her Instagram. I love and enjoy them for breakfast daily! Dipping my favourite Digestive Biscuits! YUMMS! I’m addicted now. I got supplements for my parents & have an incoming order of health food on freight now too! Lol. I will never run outta breakfast food for sure! And my mission now, is to clear them ASAP! Cause I wanna buy new ones!!!

Gonna commit my workout for the weekends already! Planning to do skipping and running altogether! TGIF YAY!


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