Workout and Eat Clean

DAY 25!!!

Workout week! This year have been awesome cause I’m walking my way back to a healthy lifestyle. I want to be committed to my own health and fitness. And the greatest motivation is to inspire others to do the same. I feel really happy and proud of myself if someone else is motivated by what I do, how I exercise and what I eat.

People always wishes for things to happen, instantly especially. “I wished I would have more time to workout!” “I wished to be slimmer!” “Due to laziness, work load and social issues? No time!” These are never good excuses & wishing gets you nowhere! These days, we are so spoilt by choice. You order food straight to your door. You can do grocery shopping online and have it delivered for next day. Everything is so convenient that people are getting lazier.

I think it’s pretty common for us to backtrack to laziness easily as it is not easy to stay committed and be always motivated to workout after a long day of work. But by transforming habits into lifestyle, I’m sure inputting exercise is the easiest way to stay healthy. Definitely, being selective on food intake is quite a challenge.

I know right, Singapore food is too good! Haha! Always have a cheat day within a week or two! But stay focused on what you want to achieve during non-cheat days.


Still working hard ya. There’s so much more I could do to improve my body. My thunder thighs, jiggly arms & fats around everywhere! Heh! Hard work and more efforts required thou.


Cleaner & healthier choices to make daily. This is QQ rice from Serangoon Nex! I find this rice ball filling & healthy. You get enough carbs, vitamins and protein from this. Quick and good for people who are on the go!


Light and refreshing dinner with my favourite veggie! Just kow kei vegetables with egg soup. I could eat this everyday! To lose weight, try to avoid carbs as much as possible during the night time. And always hydrate the body as water flushes out all toxins in the body.

Way to go! Heading to the gym now. Happy Saturday you all!


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