The Journal of 3 Days Juice Cleanse

Having to read so much on juicing and its cleansing benefits, I decided to embark on my own juice detox. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself to have completed this 3 days cleanse. Reaping all the positive effects now and I am here to share with you my journey.

1503391_10151929595842746_848582164_nDay 1

Started the day with apple, green grapes and celery juice at 8.30am. These fruits are the most cleansing & vitamins packed! Indeed, quite a challenging one as I did my 6.5km this morning. I am hungry, no doubt. Persisting, at about 10.30am I had plain unsweetened warm soy milk. It’s complete tasteless but soy is kinda filling as compared to fruit juices (BUT at that point of time, no difference to me)

For juice detox, juices will be needed every 2 hours of interval. Else, the body will sent all sorts of crazy signals! Then at about 1.30pm, I went over to a juice bar and had my veg juice fix. Juices nowadays are not cheap, especially those that are cold-pressed.

“Lunch” was celery, spinach, kale, cucumber, green pepper & green apples. Another detoxing agent. Feeling much of a hunger pang after 3pm. So I headed for a persimmon fruit at about 4pm. The lack of carbs is draining all the energy in me. Imagine the calories today, wasn’t even enough for the run I did this morning. Therefore, never do a crazy workout if you’re planning to start a detox.

Headed home, and rushed for my “dinner”. The worst thing is, mummy cooked my favourite cod fish & spinach! WHY?! Haha.. I didn’t give in, thankfully. Blended carrot, cucumber, celery & bittergourd?! Lol. Bitter dinner I have there. It doesn’t seem that bad, but why did I choose such a combination? Cause if you know, celery + bitter-gourd aid weight loss, carrot is good for skin and hair, cucumber hydrates the body and allow the body to detoxify waste easily. Celery is the goodness goodness veg! But still, bitter lah.


To start a detoxing program really depends on what you want to achieve. For me, I just wanted to cleanse and detoxify toxins from the body. Of cause, to drop a few grams. Heh. I have never done anything like this before, cause I didn’t have the courage & motivation. The love for food overpower this thought, always. Now that I’m working, I find it hard to workout 5-6days/ week. I will try my best, nevertheless.

I just want to be fit & healthy.

Life is so much of a joy to be a fat, sick and bedridden person ya? We must all learn to love life & naturally understanding that our body is the temple. We need to maintain & love before it wears out & eventually crash.

Okay! Off to my last juice; my very own Nut Milk! ❤

Day 2

Getting my hands on the slow juicer is like happiness overwhelmed!!! Now I can do almost any type of juices without destroying its nutrients. Moreover, juicing removes all fiber from fruit and zero digestion is required. Therefore, juices are easily absorbed into our bloodstream within minutes. A juicer acts like our teeth, breaking down and pre digesting it.

Day 2, lets go!

Had 150ml of Nut Milk for lunch today. And a persimmon fruit at about 5pm. Body starting to feel lethargic and constant coldness. Quite a crazy feeling, can’t imagine people without food for 3 days. I think the time difference for the juices are too long! And also, cause it’s all liquid. It’s really not filling and not easy to sustain a liquid diet. For me, cause I’m a big eater & I get hungry very easily (if you know)!


Last juice of the day; yellow kiwi + purple grapes + persimmon. Gonna doze off earlier to curb food craving. Tastebuds seems to have reset itself into plain bland mode & there isn’t much saltish craving. Can’t believe I completed Day 2 already!

Tummy is smaller for sure, and feeling cleansed and healthy now. Can’t wait for Day 3 to start off & I’m gonna spam on fishes after the juice cleanse!


Day 3

Today’s dinner detox juice – Spinach, broccoli and tomato! Can’t believe I went through this 72hours of detox without any meals. It’s just juices, fruits and plain nut/soy milk.

What’s my feeling now? I crave for soupy dishes very much and I wanna sink my mouth into steam fishes!

What’s the Pros?

1. I felt thinner, cleansed and healthy!

2. Taste buds seems to have reset into something more bland than usual.

3. Having to be very motivated to keep in track of a healthy diet!

4. A rest for the body system, a break for 24years of digesting foodssss.


1. Troublesome to get juices while at work & cause preserving fresh juices means lost of vitamins too.

2. Working out is definitely no-no.

3. Constant hunger spells and headaches cause of the lack of calories.

I would say it’s a good start for me this year. I wished I could abide this juicing detox every 2-3 times/year. Maybe not 3 full days, but a day or two is good enough. Not many people can handle such a deprive solid food diet & be mentally prepared to have irregularities of body signals. The most important thing will be to listen to your body. React to your body signal, and NEVER be stubborn. If you need to eat your protein & carbs, just go ahead.

It wouldn’t be worth it to wreak your body for the detox which is suppose to benefit your body. Putting your body under such regime is a tough challenge and don’t ever do any vigorous work out. Lacking of calories and protein, makes me lethargic after 6pm. Constantly feeling sleepy and vexed temper during work. The drop level of concentration and tolerance

No doubt, a true and real experience for me. I never felt so nourished with nutrients before! Raw green juices are never my kind of thing. But now I enjoy my juices and learning to adapt a habit of juicing breakfast. And that’s the end of my 3 day cleanse.

Happy & accomplished of what have been done.


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