2013 Marathons

Started November with WE RUN SG 2013, it have been our yearly affair with BFF & it’s our 3rd time doing it together! Glad to kick start a healthy lifestyle after all the eating the past few months. Need to get back in shape & resume my diet!


I do enjoy marathons with the all my girlfriends and I felt that I have been a great motivation for them to kick start a healthy lifestyle. This brings to me, satisfaction and the drive to work even harder for my own health and fitness! Thankful for the bunch of girlfriends around me who are willing to join me in this fitness journey, it wouldn’t have been possible without the support and encouragement from them.


Completed SHAPE RUN 2013 this year too. This is my first time joining Shape Run and I love it so much. First, it is an all ladies run and secondly, I love their goodies from the goodie bag! 😉 They have one of the best sponsors around and I will definitely join them in 2014 and the coming years. Running with the girls and pushing them to sign up for a marathon was an achievement for myself too. Encouragement is only possible with inspiration, and I will continue to work harder for myself. Cheers to fitness!


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