Royal China & Gardens By The Bay

Heard many raves and good reviews from famous bloggers like ladyironchef and beatricetan recommending this dim sum haven; I had always wanted to try it!  So I did a reservation a week ago before heading down to avoid any disappointment. Raffles Hotel; Royal China whereby they always have their weekends fully booked!!! It have been ages, since we all bought Mummy out for High Tea Dimsum! Which I think Royal China is a perfect location for the parents, Mummy love it! Greeted in by the Tiffany Blue decor and was really amused with their service! They served really good dimsum and overall I would give an 7.5/10! The Chee Chong Fan and Custard Buns can be better!

Bell and Momsie! ❤

The one I like most is this! The Char Siew Tarts!  This is one of Royal China Signature and they did it so well, that once its in your mouththe crisp just melt tactfully into your buds! Too yummy! Another Special Char Siew Buns, they are only available on Sundays and Public Holidays! Lucky us! This is how they make you itch and come back during Sundays and PH! This is second best to the Char Siew Tarts!

Red dates Siew Mai and Over flowing Lava Custard Buns! They are a must have on the dimsum list!

We had so much food that we are almost at the brim of our throats!

Then we decided to head down to the newly Gardens By the Bay Marina South. Wanting to see the super tress and all, we drove down and the carpark was so HUGE packed with so many people!The opening of The Gardens By the Bay was on the 29 June 2012, therefore all of us (Singaporeans and tourists) wanted to have the first hand view of how it looks like! This explains the crowds during the weekends! Many with baby prams and doggy prams!

These are the SUPER TREES! So huge!

Me and Wayne love exploring nature parks! We went to places like Punggol Waterfront and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and our frequent hangout at East Coast Park, we are both very nature-loving and we enjoy doing the most natural activities which is beneficial to our health and both of us find it very stress-relieving! Glad to have found a partner who have the same sentiments as me 🙂 I guess we are outdoor lovers & we enjoy our dating in the simplest way. Activities like running, kite-flying, photo-taking, hiking and packing up home-cooked food for a picnic! I would prefer a hiking date than a movie , if you asked me!

Royal China at Raffles

1 Beach Road, #03-09 Raffles Hotel

Tel : (+65) 633833963

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat: 12pm – 3pm

Sun & PH:11am – 3pm

Mon–Sun:6pm – 10.30pm


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