Singapore Airshow 2012

Attended the Singapore Airshow 2012 all thanks to Julian! He got 4 tickets in total, and we are all ready to soak ourselves under the sun and plane snapping! It was the first time for me, bf and bell to attend this event. The highly raved Jackie Chan private jet was one of the highlights during the whole event, other than those National Air Force like Malaysia, United States and Singapore displaying their very own jets. Furthermore, the indoor exhibit consists of many Singapore most proud of, like our airport, military weapons and vehicles.




It was an amazing experience to be there and to take photos with the overseas pilots. I guess it would be really exciting to fly a plane that can twirl around the sky! Feel really proud of them! After all, it would be best if I had more sunscreen on! It was burning that day.. Thankful for the cap & shades though! 🙂


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