Holiday Inn Wedding Lunch

As of auspicious dates, my dearest cousin, Stella had her wedding spread into 2 days! Her traditional wedding customaries and lunch are a week difference, they had their lunch reception at Holiday Inn Hotel. Love the interior of the hotel, the ballroom wasn’t really big but enough for a 30 tables wedding party! Bell and me was helping out at the reception, ticking tables numbers, giving out free parking coupons, arranging the guests sittings and lastly and the most importantly collecting the BIG RED LOVE! That’s what we are suppose to do and help out, then after settling down all the guests, we headed up to the hotel room readily for the bride and groom to help with Stella’s outfit and keeping the red packet safe and sound in the safe!

The Emcee was one of the bride’s best friend, a simple funny family man. The whole event was a simple yet heartwarming one as it didn’t felt so formalized. More of a large scale get together family gathering! The gift for everyone! ❤

My little angels! They look so good in the photos! And they are always so camera-ready! Loveeee!
Outfit for the day, Black Toga dress from FEP #ootd #wwit


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