Stella’s Wedding

This was the longest await day ever! It’s STELLA’s Wedding Day!!! Had a New Year countdown before heading down to Stella’s place! Was with bf at East Coast Park, our usual hangout. Had probably less than 3 hours of sleep before heading out at 4.30am to get ready! This is the  first time I am attending a wedding so close to me, Stella’s is one of my closer cousin and we do hang out frequently on weekends for a family gathering at gramp’s! I’m sure all of us won’t feel so hyped up if its a long-distant relative! Was really anticipating and excited about what will be happening on that day itself! It was a sisterly-cousin thing with 2 of her best friends that day helping her out! Quite a cozy one I suppose!

The early preparation of the sisters! Me and Bell did our own make-up due to the EARLY  morning and I suppose you would have to pay more if you wanted a make-up artist at that time. So we went for a simple light weight nude make up, and I did a tie-up braided hair for a sweeter look, and cause my hair is so short I can’t do long pleads 😦

Awesome being the earliest have to kick start the wedding by opening the door for the groom! He partyyyy the night before and he’s looking really tired that morning!

The Bride & Groom; stay blissful always.

The crews of the day! Lokwei, my bestie helping out with the photography on the day! Kudos to him and the guys who made things easier! Ryan, Julian and Awesome of cause! 🙂 Was mad busy running around visiting, praying, taking photographs and running errands around for the couple. It was a really fun and joyful experience! None of us was complaining and gladly enjoyed the whole process. Just that we all got too hungry during the run about and was dead beat without any breakfast all the way till 2pm! But for them, it’s okay!

The couple have been together for 9 years. It have been such blessing watching them growing from different stages of life and to witness this day!! It wasn’t easy staying together for this long, and I’m sure they are prepared to face the challenges in the future hand in hand, till they grow old. Happy Marriage lovelies, our deepest blessings! ❤


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