After such a busy weekend, from going out to movies to BBQ. I had awesome fun with all my family & friends! Whilst eating wholeheartedly, it’s time for some cleaning now!

Exercise itself is detoxing. It clears your body system through perspiration and makes you feel awesomely good! Next, it is the diet. Eating fruits and vegetables, not only nourish your body but cleans it too!

I would start my day with museli with yoghurt, which is wholegrain & full of healthy nuts. Museli are uncooked rolled oats, which provide sufficient proteins and fibre in your diet! Yoghurt contains probiotics which have beneficial bacteria that aid digestion, promotes ‘good’ bacteria and reduce ‘bad’ bacteria in the digestive system.

A hearty breakfast would kickstart your day, rather than sloughing and feeling tired after every meals! Always remember, you are what you eat!



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