If not now, when?

When is the right time to get yourself in shape? Tomorrow? Or yet again, tomorrow’s tomorrow?

People often contemplate to get out of their comfort zone. Getting excuses like, I have no time, I feel sick, I am tired and all! Simply, just because you’re lazy. That’s it. Life is always unpredictable, we will never know what happens tomorrow. The passing of Steve Jobs wasn’t sudden, all along he had been strong in fighting his illness. I’m proud of this brave wise man! Don’t wait till your body tells you what’s wrong, by then it’s too late. Just like an old saying, “Prevention is better than cure”. Keeping yourself in the pink of health is always a bonus.

I always believe strongly that the enjoyment of food shall never be deprived. Reward yourself occasionally with your favourite food. You can’t be enjoying fried chicken everyday, and still enjoy the same way as an indulgence. Don’t get guilty of a fat-food day, compensate it by working out. Exercise brings you the gratifying satisfaction.

Life is good!



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