The journey towards healthy lifestyle

Keeping fit and healthy has always been my dream. The desire for beauty. 

To start a healthy lifestyle, the hardest thing was to change.This includes your everyday habits, the choices of food and to include an exercise regime! The adoption of good food into your diet requires a time frame; those buds need some time to switch! A good gauge would be the living food and dead food comparison! Imagine yourself in the crossroad, choosing a route that would lead you to live and die. Applying this to food, it’s what you choose to put in your mouth that causes you to live longer or to die faster.

Make your choice.

Looking at all those old photos, 2 years back. I felt myself gorging my body with bad food and took my body for granted. I’m undernourished, over fat and overweight. This is the saddest thing to do. Everyone wants to enjoy life, but eating bad food doesn’t make you ‘enjoy’ more. Having more knowledge for health and wellness helped me to change the way I think and feel. Love your body, and it would then work the way you want it too. Good food is all about making choices. Decide what your body need, not want.

Joining a fitness club had turned my life around. I made exercise my best friend. Having the same goal, my gym buds have been the pillar of my consistency. (You know who you are & I love you!) It is vitally important to find GOOD gyming buds, they make you or break you! Positive peer influence will make you stronger, but negative ones only make you weaker or stagnant.



I’m glad I’m walking towards it, you should too!


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