A brand new me

It has been one year and I’m back on track! What’s so NEW about me now?!

I’m happier! 🙂

Let just talk about keeping fit and exercising! It’s my all-time-favourite topic. Personally, I’m not born with stick-thin genes; I can’t gobble up bags of chips and maintain my size. I need to work them out. Most stick-thin people don’t work out, they are usually unhealthy and have problems with bulging tummies. It’s really hard not to get fat on tummy if you’re eating supper & unhealthy snacks! That’s the area people pile their pounds on first.

Staying healthy is not just about looking good, but to stay stronger. Being consistent is key, but many a times we give up halfway either we lose weight, or we did not. And the cycles go on. This is not an easy journey, its lifelong habit. We eat every day, don’t we? This applies for exercise! Don’t you realise that people who do not exercise, often complain about their figure the most. Then why are you not moving your butts? If not, don’t complain. I have been encouraging and stringing the people around me to walk towards a healthy lifestyle and exercise. But who am I to control them? It’s unless they themselves want it too!

The truth is harsh, if you’re not exercising you get fat. Even celebrities work hard for their body! You think they were born slim? NO! Joanne Peh work out 6 days a week! Jeanette Aw skips everyday and jog! Beauty is hard work, and nothing comes easy. Motivation is what get you started, but habit is what keeps you going. Make exercise your habit now! If you can’t run, jog. If you can’t jog, walk.  Beauty don’t wait! Go for it!


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