Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence (田原香滴鸡精)


Have you heard of  Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence 田原香滴鸡精?

Tian Yuan Xiang’s Double-boiled Chicken Essence (滴鸡精) is well-known for it’s high quality, natural goodness. The process of extracting the essence from a whole chicken under high temperature with charcoal fire and filtered oil off repeatedly while locking plentiful nutrients, with no chemicals or water added. 

I came across this brand since I got pregnant last year from some of my mummies friends. They were raving about it’s absolute real and delicious taste and how different it tasted as compared to many other brands with that unpleasant taste. But it was only when I tried Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence myself, then I’m truly convinced. The pure and rich taste, just felt like I’m drinking of fresh bowl of chicken soup.

The journey of being a mom and now a 24/7 breastfeeding mom, I truly believe that food is our nourishment and we are not just what we eat, but our babies too. Thus, it’s always important to take care of ourselves during these period of our lives, during pregnancy, during the first 28 days of confinement, during breastfeeding and working moms.

Why I choose TYX?

Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence 原香滴鸡  is low in calories and fat, with less than 20 kcal per sachet and it does not contain any preservatives, artificial colouring or flavours. The most reassuring part is that the brand ensures that no antibodies or drugs are used during the entire process. It’s truly a preferred choice for me!

The demand of being a new mom and handling postpartum isn’t the easiest thing to do. Dealing with our babies’s needs, our new postpartum body image and simply getting enough rest and food, oh yes, we haven’t included breastfeeding yet.

For myself, I’m taking TYX Chicken Essence with Vaccaria Seed as it highly recommended for breastfeeding moms. The herb vaccaria seed is believed to nourish the liver and kidney, boost milk production and quality, strengthen sinew and bone and relieve hair loss. And it’s true that the body goes through tremendous stress – during pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding. Every hurdle requires strength and nourishment from within is very essential.

Takashimaya promo

So don’t miss their upcoming roadshow campaign from 18th to 26th of March!

Location: Takashimaya B2 (in front of Cold Storage Supermarket)

Special offer: * 1 box 5% off, 2 boxes 10% off for all flavours. *

What’s more ladies, the Goddess Set for Beauty & Skin Care (Chicken Essence for Digestion 四神+ Chicken Essence with Nourishments 石斛) is going for $380 (U.P. $430),a whopping 12% off!

Hop over to the Tian Yuan Xian website and learn more on their wide array of products and promotions! You can also check them out on their FB and Instagram.

5 things you should know before visiting a new mom


Been there, done that – so here are some of my thoughts during my confinement period. These tips are definitely good to know whilst visiting your new mommy friend whom may have just given birth in the hospital or doing their confinement at home.

Dedicated to all preggy mommies – please preempt your friends before they come over!

1. Get her favourite food/snack before visiting!

Simple pleasures such a bubble tea with pearls, cheese fries, chocolates and potato chips seems OUT OF REACH with a newborn baby. Of cause, you can check with her if she’s undergoing a strict confinement food menu & what’s under her can-eat food items (approved by nanny/mother/MIL). I had super bad craving for sashimi and truffle fries, so I was dying to have them during my confinement period so Wayne have to go out and buy them for me! Cause the day-to-day chores are so overwhelming and food is usually the last thing in mind, but the best thing if it appears. So please, remember to buy okay.

2. Forget about buying baby clothings, please. 

There are just too many of these clothing and some may not even fit due to different cutting and sizes, whatever (I’m sorry). Baby K weighs 3.79kg at birth, hence he cannot fit into ANY of those newborn clothings at all. So if you’re buying a gift for baby, you can get practical items such as diapers (Merries or Pampers is good!), milk-bottles accessories (if you know the brand she’s using), wet tissues (any brand will do) or any Mothercare/NTUC vouchers are just as awesome too. They will be so helpful cause all mommies are practical, thanks in advance!

3. Give a heads up before visiting, please and thank you.

New moms are extremely exhausted all-day everyday and living their time zone of their newborns’ schedule. The first week is the craziest cause there’s a lot of adaptation of having a baby, getting used to the 2-3 hours feeding all round the clock, pain everywhere, no sleep, breast engorgement and the list goes on. Thus, it is basic respect to inform new mommy when you are visiting and do so only when you get the go-ahead. She needs to sleep round the clock, just like her baby. It’s extremely tiring and stressful to entertain “guests” during this period of time. Imagine washing the guest’s cups after they left? 

4. Lend a helping hand while you’re at her place!

But please wash your hands! Having some help here and there means so much, SO MUCH. Even when it’s merely “eye-powering” over the newborn. New mommy could have some me-time (even if it’s just 5-mins) to herself like bathing or simply just having time to wash her face and tidy her hair. YES, that’s how busy you get with a newborn.

5. Run simple errands for new mommy! 

Yes, the little things. There is just 101 things to get and buy for herself and the baby during the confinement period. Mommies who are following a strict confinement are confined at home hence help is needed. I do my online shopping while I pump in the middle of the night, anytime. From buying Spectra spare parts to Pigeon feeding bottles to baby mattress cover and towels. But there’s just certain small things such as a hair tie, tissues and maternity pads that she needs and it’s URGENT! Right?

Aside these 5 tips I have shared personally, I think it’s always good to spend some time and listen to a new mom’s thoughts and look out for any signs of depression. The first few months following a baby’s birth is one of the most challenging time, like what I mentioned earlier with a severe lack of sleep and the thought of being responsible for a new life, etc. 

Be supportive and encourage her to get a breather if necessary. Have a short stroll in the park, eating an ice cream and simply chill & chat in a cafe. Sanity is extremely important, so please take care of yourself, mommies! ♡

My Waterbirh Experience

During our pregnancy journey, we have always thought of having a gentle birth without any form of medical intervention for our firstborn, Kayne. However we started our first gynae appointment at Mount Elizebeth and found out that they couldn’t provide for our ideal birth plan. Thus, in the month of April we switched (I’m in my Week 11) to National University Hospital and went around looking for doctors who does water birth and a birthing doula as it’s necessary for water birth in Singapore.

The reason for doing a waterbirth is to ensure that the whole process of birthing was done in water in the most gentle and natural way. With minimum to no medical interventions such as drugs or any form of pain relief including epidural or laughing gas. I always believed that birthing should be au natural and it made sense to me that the usual practice for birthing is about the convenience for the doctors and medical staff. How could you engage your body muscles in a lying lithotomy position? Our bodies don’t work this way.

I had my contractions on 7 November when Kayne’s 39 weeks 5 days. I felt slight contraction at about 7pm and it was really bearable till the middle of the night when the intensity increases and got more frequent. I had some loose stools till 1am and had some trouble falling asleep due to the constant jabbing pain in the abdomen. Then at about 2.35am, I lost my mucus plug and had a show. He’s definitely coming today and it was real labour. We called for our doula, Chiew Gin at about 3.30am and she arrived at our place shortly.

Both Wayne and I are really thankful for her as she helped relief my pain throughout my contraction and we strongly believed that we should only go to the hospital when we’re the active labour stage, which means that dilation should be at about 5cm onwards as the home is the best place for comfort. As the pain intensify, Chiew Gin told us to leave home at 6.30am and we reached NUH at about 6.50am.

We manage to “book” our ideal birthing room 12, which had the bigger pool for birthing. Tip #101 – It’s essential to call the delivery suite while on the way to the hospital as they will be prepared for your arrival and get the room ready!

We started off with lying on the bed and some SOP checks but I decided to ignore everyone else and focus on my own birth and body. There were some trainee doctors and nurses, and one of them came to check on my dilation first. It wasn’t as painful as what I thought it should be. And I was already 5cm dilated, oh wow.

After awhile, in the midst of my contraction there was a sudden gush of water and my water bag ruptured. It felt like something just bursted out – I was shock as I wasn’t expecting this. However, still in my own-world mode, I continued with my breathing techniques and remain ignorance to my environment (hypnobirthing techniques!). I know that my doula and Wayne will settle them. In and out, there will be doctors and nurses who comes in wanting to inject, check and do some SOP procedures which is seriously the most annoying thing.

As I was detected to be GBS positive, I had to be on antibiotics drip which was annoying. However ignoring every single intervention, we proceeded to the water as soon as we were ready. Then one doctor came and asked me to leave the pool and only come when I’m 7cm dilated, seriously. I totally ignored him and stayed within my own zone. My dilation was really quick in water and I was dilated till 8-9cm within 2 hours. Labour was very progressive and fast due to the relaxation, breathing techniques and buoyancy in the warm water. I wasn’t expecting it to be this fast. Relaxing is key but birth is still painful okay.

Chiew Gin kept encouraging me and I was listening to her cues all the way – with Wayne letting me squeeze his hand and him feeding me coconut water & raisins. As labour progresses, none of them left the labour room as our baby is making his way out to the world really soon. After a while, I was asked to switch to birthing stool as Kayne was already crowning, I think this is the hardest part as the pushing begins. I thought it felt like a honeydew squeezing out from an egg hole. It’s just so hard to push! My goodness!

But I guess the birthing stool really did helped with the labour as that’s the best position for pushing but was asked to get back to the pool whilst waiting for Prof Chong, my gynae to come. After a long tedious pushing of 1.5 hours, Kayne’s finally out. Omg. Imagine the amount of blood lost, it’s really a big pool of it. And Wayne cut his umbilical cord ❤️ our precious baby is out & both of us started crying.

Then came the second stage of labour which is the birthing of the placenta, which I wasn’t really paying attention too as baby was already in my arms. But all the pain was worth it. Wayne told me Prof Chong twisted the cord twice and pulled the placenta out twice forcefully. And there was so much blood oozing out from the vagina. So much trauma for the body, as my perineal is seriously swollen with the long pushing. I couldn’t even walk properly after birth.

Can I just say all mothers are seriously amazing regardless of birthing methods. The whole 9 months and birth itself is simply beyond words. Only mothers will understand. But it’s all good, as long as Kayne’s well and healthy. He’s so awake after birth due to the absence of drugs and pain relief. And he’s a whopping 3.79kg. Welcome to the world, son.

Hong Kong – Heavenly King Jacky Cheung’s Classic Concert

December is definitely the best time of the year! ❤


Managed to grab hold of Jacky Cheung’s concert tickets in Hong Kong after 8 crazy hours of refreshing and waiting on the website. What?! This must be the most impromptu decision to travel for an overseas concert. I will always plan for my travel trips at least 3-6 months before.

However, this time it’s for the Heavenly King, we gladly enjoyed this once-in-a-lifetime experience! They were unforgettable and I’m glad we did this together.


We faced many hiccups on the way to the concert as our flight was delayed for 5 hours! This is a lesson learnt and we should NEVER book a same-day flight and concert. We almost couldn’t make it for the concert! That’s the worst feeling ever. Flight delayed, baggage delayed and we had an issue entering with our concert tickets too! Glad everything fell out nicely at the end and we were on time for the concert! 🙂

The concert was AMAZING. Wayne’s a huge fan of Jacky Cheung! He know 99% of his old and new songs, he could easily sing along during the whole concert. The live singing was as good as on digital, his voice was flawless. Whereas for me, I know those popular songs Wayne sings during our karaoke sessions together. The concert was just as fantastic to me!


Our well-deserved treat after a long terrible day of hiccups and concert without dinner. We had coconut steamboat from Top Grade Hot Pot (上品火鍋料理). It really nice and interesting, coconut soup is YUMS! ❤



Leaving the bustling and busy city of Hong Kong – we visited Lantau Island, one of the best place for nature lovers. The traveling time from Hong Kong city to Lantau island takes about 1.5 hours via ferry/ bus options. Tian Tan Buddha is magnificent and majestic, it’s simply amazing.

We also visited Tai O (大澳) a fishing town, partly located on the western side of Lantau Island. Tai O is a small fishing village and well-known for its fishing culture, dry seafood and snacks.

4 days in Hong Kong was way sufficient for us, we went around exploring local delights such as wanton mee, pineapple bun, egg tarts and dim sum. The highlight of this trip was Jacky Chueng’s concert, which is memories that’s engraved in our hearts always.


Visiting Taichung and Taipei


Taiwan always topped my favourite countries list. With it’s amazing street food and friendly locals, I looked forward to visiting Taiwan and this time round, my third. I have included Taichung into my itinerary, as my family and I have never been there before and we heard so much about Feng Jia Night Market – one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan. I can say the shopping  in Taichung is so much better as compared to Taipei! Got most of my loots from Yi Zhong Street and Feng Jia Night Market.

Did I also share that I got my air tickets at a steal? REAL STEAL! SIN – TPE with luggage was $80 only! Why? – Cause I got an eDM from Jetstar on it’s Friday Frenzy Deal and there was no time for consideration whilst booking these tickets, it was at $0! Dates plugged in and paid immediately!

I will be sharing my itinerary on how I plan and where I go during this 7 days in Taichung and Taipei;

Singapore to Taichung, Day 1

We made our way to Taichung via the High-Speed Rail (HSR) which took about an hour and so. There were many other bus and train transfers however it was the fastest route southwards. We stayed at Plaza Hotel, it was highly recommended by a friend who was a frequent Taiwan traveler, it is centrally located and very convenient! 

Miyaharu (Gong Yuan Yan Ke)Love the interior of Miyaharu, it’s very vintage-looking with many wooden structures. It is well-known for their pineapple tarts and other pastries in pretty boxes. We tried their ice-cream too, in my opinion I thought it was mediocre. Worth visiting for photo-taking and souvenir shopping.

Yi Zhong Street (Shopping Street)13346740_10153794782167746_1153649137424133019_n

It’s just like Orchard Road but in Taichung version! This street suits the young, funky crowd and they have many Korean-looking outfits in very good quality. Me like!

Feng Jia Night Market13412885_10153805665332746_7085944878082844645_n




I cannot stop raving about the street food in Feng Jia Night Market! They are so good, unique and fresh! Those prawns and squid are fantastic, I have never tasted anything like that in Singapore or Malaysia. We eventually found the highly-raved water pudding too! Noms. Felt that Feng Jia Night Market has the widest range of shopping varieties, from sneakers to clothing to accessories. I spend most of my money here though, heh!

Taichung Day 2

Rainbow Village

The story of Taichung’s Rainbow Village and its famous creator Mr. Huang Yong-Fu has become quite well known throughout the country and is a fitting example of how a battle resist having his home torn down. Vibrant and lovely place for photo-taking!

Cing Jing Farm (Green Green Grassland)13432160_10153814553217746_815753679064023869_n





Cingjing Farm is best known for it’s green pasture and fresh air. I think anyone visiting Taichung should come here! The downpour cleared up as soon as we reached the peak, thankfully. It’s scenic wild greenery and cloud mountainous view was breath-taking.

The Old England

Puli Winery 

We dropped by Puli Winery along the way, they are known for their Shao Xing wine. Personally, I thought we could skip this place of attraction as it’s really small and we can’t appreciate Chinese wine.


At last, dinner was authentic local mee sua with oysters. I really enjoy Taiwanese mee sua as compared to conventional local mee sua in soup. Their broth is thick and very flavourful. I’m totally blown away with this mee sua our driver drove us to, he said if it’s not good, we don’t have to pay for it! I guess, he’s right. Too good we wanted nothing but more. Off to Yizhong street for more night market shopping! 🙂

Taichung, Day 3 –

921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan

921 Earthquake Museum of Taiwan is dedicated to the 7.3 earthquake that struck the center of Taiwan at 01:47:12.6 TST on Tuesday, 21 September 1999. They preserve some of the remaining from the earthquake to serve as reminders to the public for them to be prepared in the future if such event happens again. Visiting this museum arouse many insights for me, especially fortunate Singaporeans. How natural disasters can be so close to us and how blessed it is to live in a safe country.

Sun Moon Lake 13343101_10153799211657746_4647591481646140727_n


Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan with it’s scenic clear sparkling blue water set against a picturesque mountain backdrop. I am mesmerized with it’s beauty, that’s no wonder its amongst one of Taiwan’s top tourist destinations. We went with the boat tour and I tasted one of the best tea braised egg (金门阿么茶叶蛋) – at Xuan Guang Si pier.

Sun Moon Lake Wen Wu Temple (文武廟)

Along the way, we stopped by a temple namely Wen Wu Temple – on the Northern bank of the lake. The exterior was magnificent and we were in awe despite the rainy evening.

Transport in Taichung:

We booked a vehicle for Day 2 and 3 transport and 张师傅 is really kind and friendly, he brought us to many additional places out of our itinerary and was very fast to react on our requests. He is highly recommended and you can reach him via Whatsapp or Line at (+886) 919-037251.

Taichung to Taipei, Day 413394029_10153816161907746_255355654415959277_n

Time for Taipei! ❤

We departed Taichung to Taipei via High-Speed Rail (HSR) and Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) with a traveling time of approximately 1 hr 45 mins with all the waiting and transferring which is very much comparable to buses which takes about 2.5 hours with smooth traffic. One-way HSR from Taichung to Taipei costs SGD29, not that cheap thou. So I would advise anyone traveling to check on the traffic conditions before deciding which option to take.

Xi Men Ding Shopping13344714_10153805665342746_17867455502928921_n


13445514_10153816161927746_8318120605198234708_n (1)

A definite must-go place in Taipei. The day and night crowd buzzing and the main point is our favourite must-eat  Ah Zong Mian Xian (阿宗麵線)! We did most of our masks shopping in XMD as there were many big brands here! Shopping in Taipei is as cheap as compared to many years back, but relatively still affordable as compared to Singapore.

Shi Da Night MarketImage Credits: Google.com

Shida (師大) night market is named after the nearby university of the same name, the crowd is definitely geared to the younger adults. That also brings out the shopping bug in us as there were many trendy and inexpensive shopping choices. As it is relatively smaller than other night markets, there were lesser food choices around however we did tried the best Polo Bun ever! It’s so crunchy on the outside on a soft bun! (The one with the longest queue, should be easy to find!)

Taipei, Day 5 –

Jiu Fen


One of the attractions that I stay truly fond of is Jiu Fen. I enjoy strolling through alleys of shops with many eateries and they were all selling my favourite handmade taro balls dessert! Yums! Along the way, we tried out the famous shaved peanut ice-cream and rice cake too!

Golden Waterfall & YingYang Sea

As we are heading to our next destination, we dropped by Golden Waterfall and Ying Yang Sea – it was indeed a splendid sight for us! The origin of the name was attributed to the contrasting colours of blue and yellow of the sea.

Shi Fen13418935_10153805665907746_8832927493456159450_n

13315712_10153816161967746_2904193033596215466_nThe most well-known place for sky lanterns in Taiwan is definitely, Shi Fen. Along this railway track, you can find many shops selling food, souvenirs and mainly lanterns. Soaking up the sky lantern atmosphere and joining the fun was so easy. Most shop owners even offer free photo-taking services too!

Shenkeng Old Street

Shenkeng Old Street is best known as Tofu street! It was my first time visiting and we could all smell stinky tofu from afar! I really thought this is a less touristy place and nice to explore! They have really special tofu food you can never find them elsewhere! I had the most delicious tofu mochi ever!! Too yummy we bought a few back home!

Wu Fen Pu Shopping Street

I was utterly disappointed with the shopping at WFP, unlike 4 years back. Things were cheap and there were many quality clothing! But why?! There were literally nothing to buy as the service and clothing quality was bad, really bad! All the prices were jacked up and shopping at night markets were so much a better experience and enjoyment!

Rou He Night Market  

One of my favourite night market in Taipei! They have the yummiest and freshest barbecue seafood such as prawns, oysters and clams! Not forgetting grilled abalones, scallops, mushrooms and the most delicious long-queue pepper bun! Love the filling! Noms.

Taipei, Day 6 –

Addiction Aquatic Development 上引水產13427798_10153816161832746_3669107607295211465_n

13417671_10153816161822746_509451355340316437_nHeard so much about this large Japanese-style supermarket with it’s fresh seafood and aquamarine products and many restaurants and kiosks! We just had to see what’s in deal for us! We waited for our turn at the Seafood bar and literally drooled over this huge plate of Uni that cost less than SGD50! There’s no seats at all for Seafood & Sushi bar and the crowd management could have been better I thought.

Best advice: Avoid public holidays and weekends!

Shi Lin Night MarketOne of the most renowned night market in Taipei, it’s indoor food area seems very much like Singapore’s food court. Shilin is the longest and largest standing night market! Oh and that’s the popular street food called the 棺材板 – Coffin Toast Bread!

Get ready to spent about 2-3 hours shopping and eating here!

Taipei to Singapore, Day 7 – 

Exploring Taipei on foot was really easy with our pocket wifi router, we even had our morning run around town! But I must say the air in Taiwan isn’t as clean as compared to Singapore and it could be the amount of motorcycles on road or the petrol they used. Therefore we concluded Taiwanese always had masks on them! With lesser greens around, their air quality is really not too good. So, before heading out for a jog – think again okay!

13419172_10153809222492746_1501789821421692354_nHappen to chance upon Pablo Taiwan near Taipei Main Station and we packed 1 back! This cheese tart is so huge and 4 of us struggle to finish it off! It was soft and delectable but I prefer savory cheese dessert! Boo 😦


Traveling seems to be my best stress reliever and being happy is so easy. I truly enjoy traveling with my loved ones, it’s nothing but blissful. Traveling need not be expensive and the truth is – it can be really cheap if everything is well-planned and budgeted for!

*Top tips for budget traveling

  1. Sign up for airlines eDM (Electronic Direct Mailer) and grab the promotional deals soon as possible! Return from Taiwan at $80, trust me! Plus, don’t miss out without calling respective tourism bureau to check if there’s any travel freebies up for grab! For Taiwan, you can reach Taiwan Visitors Association via phone 6223 6546 or visit this blog for more information!*
  2. Do as much research as possible! Know which route to take before heading out aimlessly. By having a plan, you will be able to tell which is the cheapest route to your destination!
  3. Wifi router is so important for free and easy travelers! Always check for the best deal on renting or the cheapest SIM card that provides sufficient data roaming while traveling. Having a wifi router allows you to search and navigate like a local! Uber VS Exorbitant taxi fares! We saved quite a bit on this too! (Changi Recommends offer great discounts on certain travel location and we got UNLIMITED WIFI for $5 per day only!)

xoxo ♥

Australia Adventure – Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast

Gliding up the sky in the hot-air balloon is nothing but spectacular. A flying basket literally, with a huge fire torch above! It have shown me the best view of a sunrise and land full of floating-clouds. Yet another strike off my bucket list! 🙂

Have you wonder how it feels like to have a scenic screensaver-worthy-just-like-some-google-images right in front of you? Impressive. I was in awe when I saw the beautiful big balloons for the very first time in my life. Hot-air ballooning still felt so unbelievably true even till today.Breathtaking, you call that.

This was the view I captured before our balloon rose up from the ground. It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect for ballooning. Even though, getting up at 3:00AM was the biggest struggle for us. But everything was worth it. No words can describe being 3500ft above ground, on a rattan basket and a fire torch above us. The sunrise view and land clouds were so beautiful.

My family and I were first-timers on hot-air ballooning. Therefore, we seek many opinions and did many research before deciding on Hot Air Gold Coast. We were given 2 standard choices of a half-an-hour ride OR an hour ballooning, and we went ahead with an hour balloon ride. It was a definite choice as it was timely-sufficient and we were able to take our photos and simply enjoying the scenic view leisurely.

There were about 24 of us in 1 hot air balloon and we were instructed to get in one by one – climbing in to the basket. Next, we were greeted by the most experienced with the record for most reliable balloon ride take-offs pilots on board and we were ready to set off ground!

I can say the experience high up there was really different from what we initially thought. We were absolutely wrong about bringing our jackets to the balloon, as there were already a huge fire “heater”above our heads. It was pretty warm when the fire was turned on to change the direction/movement upwards. We were also told that there were as much as 40 landing spots for the balloon to descend.

Did you know, Hot Air balloons stand taller than a ten storey building?

From top, we saw many greenery and dot-like animals. They look so tiny from afar!

What a relaxing ride! Breathing in the freshest air in an wide-open space of greens and amazing spectacle of other balloons in the morning sky. I can never have another morning like this!

Have I also commended on their customer service excellence? All the staff I liaised with in Hot Air Gold Coast were absolutely friendly and prompt in their response! Over on their website, there’s a chat tab which is really easy and convenient – I could chat with them anytime! Otherwise offline, an automated email will be send to your e-mail.

Thank you Hot Air Gold Coast for a spectacular and incredible experience I will never forget in my life. It was a perfect end to a perfect morning in the air! Before we ride off to O’Reilly Vineyard  for our breakfast and champagne, we all got ourselves our very own commemorative flight certificate! Yay! ❤

Scenic Queensland, how much we adore you and enjoyed everything in placed for us. If you ever get a chance to ride on a hot air balloon, anywhere, just do it. It will be an unforgettable experience, you won’t regret.

Price ranges from AUD$280 onwards inclusive of Oreillys Canungra Valley Vineyard Full Hot Breakfast and Champagne. Hop over to Hot Air Balloon Gold Coast Facebook page to find out more about them!

Hot Air Gold Coast

Address: 23 Ferny Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217, Australia
Phone:+61 1300 766 887

Opening Hours: Everyday from 8:00am  to 8:00pm for bookings 

Hot Air Ballooning starts from 3:30AM – 5:30AM.

(Pick up from accommodation in Surfers Paradise, Broadbeach, Main Beach or meet at Nerang or Canungra.)

Australia Adventure – Gold Coast Skydive

Maybel 0135This must be one of the best feeling in the world!

*Tick* on my bucket list! I have always wanted to try skydiving as I’m one who sought for fun and thrill. It isn’t just about being brave but to experience the adrenaline rush of leaping out of a plane is so exhilarating! I enjoyed it so much I would do it again anytime!

When my family decided on our trip to Australia, I was so determined to have it all planned out! I went to many social sites on skydiving and came across Gold Coast Skydive. Gold Coast seems like the perfect place for me as I enjoy being out in the sun, sand and sea and I thought why not do my skydiving and land on the beautiful soft sand along Kirra Beach? Moreover, there were many good reviews about Gold Coast Skydive and I was so decided.

The admin supports by Gold Coast Skydive was awesome! Like everyone else, I bombarded them with some of the most frequent questions one can ask and they were so professional and prompt in their response. I got their replies almost immediate or the day after as there were a 2 hours time difference from Queensland and Singapore.

Maybel 0009 Special thanks for my skydive tandem master, Steve – who is a very experienced skydiving master and he had done more than 20,000 jumps till date! Yes, he is 60 years old and I am so amazed how he could have so much energy in him. He was very encouraging throughout my skydiving experience from the time I stepped into the office, to getting ready and till the minute I leap off the plane 12,000 ft above ground.

I was constantly reassured by him on the safety measures. He was so attentive to my nervousness he tried to calm things down and reminded me that I was in good hands. Not just that, he commented that I was doing well and was a very brave girl to have come this far. I thought little things like that meant so much to me as it empowered me. I was somehow mentally prepared for my first leap. 

On our way to the airport, I casually mentioned to Steve that W was doing this skydive with me – without hesitation, he initiated a picture for the both of us ♥
Maybel 0036 Maybel 0038 Maybel 0044 Maybel 0053 Maybel 0056I was the last to board the plane and so I will be the first to go. Sitting by the door-less plane (with safety belts of cause) the experience was nothing describable. The view was breathtaking and phenomenal! We were literally 12,000 ft above ground and above clouds. I was the first to take the lead when Steve patted me on my shoulder and gave me a signal to get ready for our jump. I was nervous yet excited to experience the 200km/h free-fall and to view Gold Coast from a different light. I was ready.
Maybel 0081 Maybel 0098 Maybel 0107Maybel 0110Maybel 0178

Yes, I did it! It was all worth it! The only regret that I had was it ended too quickly. I have never seen myself smiling so happily and simply being myself. The one who’s fearless and enjoys thrill at it’s best. For those who are hesitating, I can say everyone is afraid of heights initially but it takes courage and passion about enjoying the thrill. If you would ask me –  I am definitely going to do it again! The experience was nothing but awesome and it will be fond memories I bring forward in my life. Maybel 0208Maybel 0215Once again, many thanks to the team in Gold Coast Skydive and the one standing next to me with all my crazy adventures. I’m so glad to have you by my side. 

If you are heading to Gold Coast and planning to do a skydive, you’re in for a great deal! Gold Coast Skydive offer free pickups from hotels in Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach. They are really easy to liaise with, just drop them an email and book your slots. Be quick as they get quite a bit of bookings all around the world! Lastly, I would advise the early morning jump slots of 5.30am/6.30am/7.30am as the day breaks and the sunrise view is simply fantastic and breathtaking! 

xoxo ♥


Gold Coast Skydive

Add: 1/78 Musgrave Street, Kirra, 4225

Tel:(07) 5599 1920

Email: info@goldcoastskydive.com.au

Time: 8am – 5:30pm

Click here to Book Now 

Lunar New Year: Reunion got easier with NTUC FairPrice

9 days to Lunar New Year! Are you guys prepared yet?

If you have seen my previous posts, you will know how much I enjoy doing my grocery shopping in my favourite supermarket and that’s nonetheless – NTUC FairPrice! Like always, Fairprice offers a wide variety of traditional as well as new, unique products enough to gear us in ushering the Year of Monkey! ♡



As part of Lunar New Year celebrations, NTUC FairPrice came up with many Chinese New Year promotions which started from 31 December to 29 February 2016! With it’s wide variety of products available at great prices, Chinese New Year shopping have never been this easy! Plus, you get a chance to win $100,000 worth of FairPrice Gift Vouchers!

FairPrice Fortune Draw (31 December 2015 to 29 February 2016)

Spend a minimum of $30 in one receipt to qualify in the FairPrice Fortune Draw and win prizes including $100,000 worth of FairPrice Gift Vouchers!

  • 200 winners x Prize: S$500 FairPrice Gift Voucher each

Double up your chances with OCBC Plus! Visa Cards

  • X 2 chances if you use your OCBC Plus! Visa Card

In addition, receive a complementary CNY Bag with a minimum purchase of $58 with VISA payWave or $48 on Visa payWave with OCBC Plus! Visa.

*While stock lasts and limited to 1 bag per cardholder per day.


Watching your wallet? Fret not, there are many AWESOME deals up for grab with FairPrice Housebrand products which are affordable and delectable. I’m so glad to come home with so many of my favourite CNY goodies some of which are Harvest Prosperity Yu ShengCasahana Pineapple Roll, Sing Long Love LettersFairPrice Fruits & Nuts SetFairPrice Gold Cuttlefish Ball and FairPrice Shrimp Wantons! They were all my family’s favourite CNY must-have!

Harvest Prosperity YuSheng is a convenient staple for every family celebrating Chinese New Year. Not forgetting the most important part of Lunar New Year is the Prosperity Toss also known as “Lo Hei” is a Teochew-style raw fish salad which usually consists of strips of raw, shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Therefore, yusheng is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor. Today, Lo Hei is a common practice during Chinese New Year in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Let’s all HUAT!

Did I mentioned that my dad is a big fan for Love Letters?! He can eat at least 20 egg roll in one sitting! A perfect light snack before the annual family dinner every time! This premium quality egg roll from Sing Long is so crispy, delicious and suitable for both the young and old!Love Letters Yu Sheng

FairPrice Gold Cuttlefish Ball are made of high-quality ingredients and flavourful. Best suited for our Lunar New Year family reunion dinner! It’s so versatile you can make a quick snack, add them to soups or to be used creatively with noodles or rice! Retailing at $8.65 only!

What’s steamboat without shrimp wonton? FairPrice Shrimp Wonton completes every steamboat meal and moreover, it’s so healthy! Feast without guilt! Retails at $4.05 for a box of 12 – enough for a few satisfying bowls.

You may have seen this in my previous post but have you wonder why steamboat is an ideal meal for CNY?

First, it is so easy to prepare! Hence anyone can host a fail-proof, yummy meal.

  •  A steamboat can serve a few people (e.g. 2) or as many people (like 20) as you like simply by adjusting the quantity of ingredients.
  • You can do steamboat again over the next 1-2 days with the leftovers, especially useful when many eating places, markets and shops are closed during the first few days of CNY.
  • You get to sit around the table for a long time as you cook your own food, hence promoting interaction and bonding.
  • It’s a healthy meal, as you are enjoying the food which has been briefly cooked in hot broth. The food is not greasy at all. My main point! 🙂

For more steamboat information: Read here.

Cuttlefish Shrimp WantonBesides the married giving red packets, most of us enjoy buying festive goods like canned abalones and goodies for my family relatives! Therefore the Prosperity Gift Set seems to be an ideal option as it includes New Zealand Superior Abalone, Australian Premium Wild Abalone and Pacific Clams! They are so easy to prepare and you may even add them in your YuSheng or steamboats! I’m sure they will be spoilt for choice! Retailing at $99.80 only! Moreover, get an instant $5 off when you charge it to OCBC Plus! Visa Cards.

Bountiful Treasures Boxes
Get your freshest and yummiest CNY goodies with FairPrice today! If you are tight on your schedule, fret not cause NTUC FairPrice have announced that it will be extending the operating hours of its stores leading up to Chinese New Year to cater demand for groceries and provide greater convenience! YAY!! 🙂


If you’re too busy to buy groceries physically, you can do that conveniently on your smartphone or desktop anytime from now till 7 Feb! After which there will be no deliveries available on Feb 8 and 9 (First and Second day of the Chinese New Year). All delivery services will resume on Feb 10.

Strategically located in every part of Singapore, FairPrice makes groceries shopping a happier and convenient experience for all! Hereby, wishing all my readers a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!

Personal Insights: Internships


Have you seen my Personal Insights on Part Time Jobs? Today, I will be sharing more about Internship Singapore!
Internship is a paid learning – on the job experience in an external film that hires students from tertiary institutes. Internship are also known as industrial placements allows students to get part-time employment and experience in the industry relating to their field of study and most internships last between 3 months to 6 months. An internship experience are valuable to students as a means of allowing them to have a first-hand experience of working life. It will be useful for students as to gain experience in a particular industry and further determine what they want to pursue as a career.

The emphasis of an internship is to learn on the job and develop training for students and how their studies are applied in the “real world”. Internship enhance the relevance of being on-the-job instead of just reading thick textbooks in class and these work experience can be highly attractive to potential employers.

During my times in Republic Polytechnic, students were not required to go through an internship as part of my course structure. RP focuses on problem-based learning and it was a unique learning experience that puts students through problems faced by industry players and learning was constant. However, I thought placing myself into the workforce will better allow me to find out what it was like to be working and experiencing full-time job, personally. Therefore I took this myself by sourcing out for my very own internship! Yes, I did an internship with a travel agency for 5 months. Internships in Singapore isn’t too hard to find, as many organisations seek interns as and when required. I should say, the benefits being an intern is that that you get to choose where you want to work at, moreover you may get a chance to expand your network and join the company full-time if performances exceeds expectation! Plus, interns get paid too!
Other than Singapore Internship, you may also find institutes that offers overseas internship opportunities. Taking that into another level of learning plus fun, as you get to experience the life of the locals. Everyone will be in the workforce eventually, and having an internship experience with any organisation will bring forth a better standing in the future. I believe in every learning, it all starts with the willingness to take the first step out trying and believing in our dreams.

PADI Open Water Experience


One of the best experience ever. Swimming with the fishes and staying underwater is so cool, literally! If you haven’t tried diving before, then you are missing out a whole lot of adventure and fun.

We had our first diving adventure with Sunny Cove  and their instructors were very professional and most importantly, they focus on safety techniques and how to be confident in water. And, I thought these were the vital techniques for a beginner diver. We went to Tioman Island, Malaysia for our 2d1n diving experience!11665761_10153071049027746_2853869125636312730_n

We were on this swimming platform throughout our Day 1 dive. One by one, with an aid of a thick rope – we were being led down to the sea bed with a depth of less than 5m. Instructed to make our way underwater by deflating our BCD also known as Buoyancy Control Device and at the same time equalising slowly  as to prevent the sudden increment of pressure in the ears and lungs. I guess this must be the most challenging part of our diving experience.

The fear of being underwater in the sea is so much different from our usual pool session. Plus, making our way down to the sea-bed for the first time and to perform safety skills such as removing our mask & re-wearing it, and to share air with a buddy.




After a few attempts of getting underwater, we kind of got used to it and find it extremely enjoyable and fun! Even though W nose bleed a little, as he had some trouble equalising. We were told by our instructor that it was a very common ‘injury’ for first-timers, just as long as we don’t bleed from our ears we are good. Haha!

Day 2 dives session were absolutely breath-taking. We were all able to better control our buoyancy, get under-water within a minute and simply, enjoy our dive. We saw many fishes like puffer-fish and trigger fish (ZOMG, first time for our Tioman instructor too!), turtles, black tip shark and many beautiful corals.11216824_10153071050722746_749052802534083407_n



I am so glad to have them during my Open Water Diving experience. It was unforgettable with many fun moments in & out of the water.

I guess the love for diving is the surreal feeling you get to experience underwater, controlling your own breathing and movement around. Nothing but yourself. Nothing but peace. I can’t wait for us going on our next course! 2016, hopefully! 🙂 11693883_10153071049862746_1193704644535086774_n